ViewPoint Gallery’s August exhibition : EVANESCENT by Lynn Ellis

ViewPoint Gallery August 2016 exhibition


a member solo show by Lynn Ellis

Evanescent  (2 of 2) titled

Exhibition running:  August 4 to 26
Opening reception:
Thursday August 4, 6-8pm
Artist talk:
Sunday August 14, 2pm

This landscape exhibition is an exploration of the South Shore of Nova Scotia to create images that mirror the idea of evanescence.

The landscape for me is a bridge between the deepest parts of my spirit and the outer temporal world. This intersection is of great interest to me. The mists, drops of water, wet surfaces all reflect a transient evanescence. This creates a vulnerably of the scene, it’s breathtaking beauty, but it’s also temporary and the scene may disappear and transform at any moment.

I believe this concept mirrors the vulnerability and transience of our lives, we are not the same today as we were yesterday and we will all change again tomorrow. It is for us to take in the beauty of today, to live in the moment and to be aware of its evanescence.


PICTURES from ‘ok’ to WOW – Lawrence Nicoll photography workshop

Announcing A Parrsboro Creative Cultural Campus Workshop              
                       COMPOSITION & THE ART OF ‘SEEING’ 
                                    Saturday August 13
                     Take Your Pictures from ‘Ok’ to “WOW’!  
                    with one of’ Canada’s best photographers.
                                        LAWRENCE NICOLL 
  No need for a fancy camera, just a love for taking pictures
    Class size limited, so book now. Just a few spaces left
                      And the PRICE IS RIGHT – $75.00          
                                   SATURDAY AUGUST 13 
Course Details & On Line Registration:…/course-listings/….
Or call Ottawa House: 902-254-2376
 Lawrence Nicoll - Partridge Island
PARRSBORO, NSLAWRENCE NICOLL, one of Canada’s best photographers, has established a national reputation for taking stunningly beautiful pictures that shine with the inner life of every landscape or subject that he has chosen to portray. Now, he has come up with a dynamite workshop for the Parrsboro Creative Cultural Campus 2016 season in which he offers an opportunity to share his photographic knowledge. It’s called “Composition & The Art of Seeing” or “Take your Pictures from ‘ok’ to ‘WOW. In the morning session, Nicoll is offering all kinds of valuable photography tips with topics like: Rule of Thirds, Foreground Interest, Selective Focus, Framing, Symmetry & Patterns, Dynamic lines & Guiding Shapes, and Using Light as a Tool. Then, after a tasty lunch served by the genteel folk at Ottawa House, the workshop moves outside to a photo shoot with a 1928 bright red Nash “Rum Runner” and a mysterious gentlemen in a black zoot suit. This all happens on a breathtaking location right on the shores of the Bay of Fundy.Lawrence Nicoll’s travels have taken him across Canada, the American SW, Western Australia and the Scottish Highlands. He now makes his permanent home in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, spending his time seeking out the hidden beauty of Atlantic Canada. Never ceasing to be amazed at the magnificence that nature presents us, he hopes his work will allow people to share his appreciation of the natural world that surrounds us.

Do you need a fancy camera for this course? Not according to Lawrence Nicoll. All you need is just a love for taking pictures. Class size is limited, so best to book now. There still some places left, and the price is right – $75.00

Presented by OTTAWA HOUSE MUSEUM in partnership with Parrsboro Creative.

On Line Course Details/Registration:…/course-listings/….

Or call Ottawa House: 902-254-2376

“Three Sisters”, opening Sunday, August 7 at Winding River Gallery

L-R Trites-Heggelin-Hull

Three Sisters present group art show

The “Wall” at Winding River Gallery in Stewiacke, NS will feature a multi-media group art show called “Three Sisters”, opening Sunday, August 7 from 2-4.

The group really is three sisters: Margaret A. MacDonald Trites, photographer; Christine Heggelin, painter; and Jan Hull, sculptor.

Having retired early from their various careers, they gradually found themselves quietly exploring their chosen artistic expression, as pastime or avocation, not an uncommon development with today’s young seniors.

When we were working, we had little time or energy for other pursuits,” says Hull. “But after retirement, there is still that energy, and unused mental capacity, that wants to be put to use. The skill? Who knows where that came from?”

As children in Moser River, NS, the girls had little exposure to the arts other than singing in the annual music festival. Decades later, their latent artistic interests have blossomed.

What is remarkable is the quality of the work each has achieved as a relative late-comer to artistic expression.

MacDonald Trites describes her photography as “by chance”, scenes and objects seen on a country stroll, but where she has strolled and what attracts her lens is dramatic. Rocky beaches and boulders are a favourite subject.

Whether clouds are in a bright sky over water or hanging low over hills as fog, Heggelin’s acrylic paintings draw the viewer into the familiar-feeling Maritime landscapes. They are finished in fine detail.

Hull’s soapstone sculptures are carved in shapes of birds or fish with minimal detail, allowing the variegated colours and patterns of seams in the soapstone to be the real attraction. All are polished and mounted to show off the stone’s own story.

Light refreshments will be offered at the opening. Winding River Gallery, at Exit 11 off Highway 102, is open daily 10-5. “Three Sisters” show ends at noon on Sunday, August 14.

For further information, contact: or Winding River Gallery on Facebook.

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