What’s Happening at Harvest Gallery

July 30 – September 4
The Very Best Folks I Know: Folk Art, Story-tellers & Satirists Group Show including Ed Bernard, Geoff Butler, Barry Colpitts, Richard Crowe, Ian Gilson, Laura Kenney, Mary Jane Lundy, John Neville, Bradford Naugler, Ransford Naugler and Steven Rhude
There is a strong tradition of folk art in Nova Scotia. Often called primitive or na├»ve, this whimsical (and very popular) “art of the people” is one of the things that makes us famous. Whether it’s carved, hooked, painted or built, decorative or utilitarian, it’s as ‘colourful’ as the artists themselves. “Folk art is rooted in traditions that come from community and culture … [expressing a] cultural identity by conveying shared community values and aesthetics.” Folk artists traditionally learn skills and techniques through apprenticeship and in informal settings though they may also be formally educated. Whether trained or untrained our art tells a story – some going beyond the simple and direct, jumping with both feet into the satirical. We Nova Scotians, are a sharp-witted bunch and our brand of art often reflects that. Humour, irony, and exaggeration are often our weapons of choice to expose and criticize stupidity or vices, particularly in reference to contemporary politics and other topical issues. It is perhaps, a survival mechanism. Regardless of the medium or the motivation, this style of work is an important part of our cultural identity and highly sought-after by collectors the world over.

Also this weekend – the 28th annual Nova Scotia Folk Art Festival, Sunday, July 31st, 12-4 Lunenburg War Memorial Arena!

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