Some Exciting News for Maritime Art List’s Tomas Guinan

With so many of us confined to our homes during COVID-19 playing video games has helped occupy the time. Tomas Guinan is a local Indie Game Developer, in Bible Hill, NS. He runs a one-man studio and has been programming games for the NES since 2017. Guinan has been a Nintendo fan his whole life, but never imagined he would one day actually create a game for Nintendo. His first game for the Nintendo Switch is being released this Thursday, May 7.

In late 2018, he was contracted by two American companies, Limited Run Games and Interabang Entertainment, to develop a game based on the Jay and Silent Bob movie franchise. Jay and Silent Bob are two of Hollywood filmmaker/actor Kevin Smith’s most iconic characters and now they’re set to make their video game debut in Mall Brawl. For Guinan to be asked to develop such a game was a huge undertaking and for it to be his first Nintendo release makes it even more exciting. Guinan spent over a year developing the game, coding the whole thing by himself from scratch to run on NES hardware, then porting it to modern systems. “Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl” is being released this Thursday, May 7, on digital download for Nintendo Switch.

Here are a few articles previewing the game:

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Canadians asked to wear red for N.S. shooting victims to unite the country Friday, April 24 at 2pm

Canadians from coast to coast are being asked to pause Friday in a day of mourning to honour the victims killed in Nova Scotia’s mass shooting.

The National Police Federation (NPF), in partnership with the RCMP, is asking citizens to stop what they’re doing on Friday at 2 p.m. AT, and observe a moment of silence while wearing red.

People are asked to step outside and line up on the sidewalk or edge of a road — if possible —while practising physical distancing, and observe a moment of silence for the tragic events.

Those who participate can also share photos and videos of themselves in red using the hashtag #WearRedFriday.

Together United We Stand

NOVA SCOTIA REMEMBERS Friday, April 24th at 7pm

We would encourage to check out this online event at The live broadcast will be Friday, April 24th, at 7:00 PM.

Nova Scotia Remembers

April 24th, 7:00PM AST

In this time of unspeakable tragedy, our strength comes from our community. Please join us on April 24th at 7PM AST for a loving tribute for those we lost. #NovaScotiaRemembers

Nova Scotia Remembers will be available on:


  • CBC Channels in Atlantic Canada
  • CBC News Channel (National)
  • CTV TV Channels in Atlantic Canada
  • CTV 2 (National)
  • Rogers Community TV
  • Eastlink Community TV



Sharing An Easter Surprise!

We received this very creative and uplifting work of art from the incredible artist Roger Savage and we just had to share it with all of you. It was a wonderful Easter surprise and it sure put smiles on our faces. Thank you Roger!

We will join with Roger in hoping Everyone had a Healthy Happy Easter Weekend ! And as we look forward to better days ahead, be like the bunnies and keep practicing social distancing while enjoying the blessings around us! Keep encouraging one another!

(We decided to add this)

About the Artist
Based in Liverpool since 1974, Roger Savage, RCA ( Mt.A’63) has led painting workshops locally as well as in Bermuda, Cuba and Germany. Besides Nova Scotia, his painting field trips have taken him with his easel to the Arctic, Cuba, Sable Island, Gotland, & Crete.
Roger Savage’s work has been exhibited all over the world including Sweden, U.S.A., Colombia, Germany, Switzerland and the U.K. Within the Maritimes it is included in the permanent collections of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (Halifax), Confederation Centre Art Gallery (Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island), and the Owens Art Gallery (Sackville, New Brunswick).




Just wanted to say thank you to all of you who sent us such kind words of encouragement. It was a great surprise for us to get so many emails and well wishes! Apparently the link to Elijah’s music video did not go through to subscribers, and many of you requested it.

Here is the link

Mango Schmango – Mango in my Rice (Official Video)

Best wishes always~ Janice

A Message from Maritime Art List


It’s Janice Guinan, I am the artist who has Maritime Art List. I know it has been discouraging seeing cancellations and things postponed, but there are workshops and art festivals coming up in a few months that you can still sign up for and we trust brighter days are ahead. For now isolation is necessary and most important, but we can still encourage one another. We will continue to post updates that you send us, as we have done for almost 9 years now. Some of you may not know this but this free to you service is provided out of our desire to support, inform and encourage others, because we believe your lives and our communities are worth the investment.

My grandson Elijah took over posting updates for me recently while I was away on vacation. His Dad (my son Tomas) usually does that as well as handling technical issues. Elijah is a talented young guy and we would like to share with you an original music video that he created and just released on YouTube. It is upbeat and lively and we hope it will add some joy to your day! Elijah also painted the beautiful picture of mangos seen above.

Take Care and follow the Government Safety Guidelines. In the future we will enjoy all the art created in isolation and who knows what new techniques, workshops and exhibition ideas may be birthed during this time too. Embrace those daily blessings, appreciate more fully all we have together and truly celebrate Life!

Wishing you the Best Always,

Janice, Tomas & Elijah

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