FREE eBook until November 10th, 2020

FREE eBook until November 10th, 2020


Local artist and author Barbara Carter

Has a free eBook giveaway, available until November 19th

Barbara Carter (Langille) is from Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada and writes about her experiences growing up in the 70s.

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New Novel by Local Writer Diane McGyver

New Novel by Local Writer Diane McGyver

Quarter Castle Publishing released “the Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes” by Nova Scotia author Diane McGyver on October 27th. The story takes place in a fictional town near New Glasgow, Pictou County. McGyver classifies it as women’s fiction, inspirational and mid-life awakening laced with romance. It’s about women redefining themselves after decades of living.

Description: She reserved the most convenient lies for herself. Mary Lola Barnes has everything: a loving family, wonderful friends and a good home. But something is missing. When new friends enter her world, she’s ill prepared for the harsh light that shines on the imperfections in her life. It reveals the emptiness she refuses to acknowledge.

Where to Find the Book: The book is available Exclusively at Amazon, which means Kindle Unlimited members read the eBook for free. The hardcover and paperback versions, including an edition with large print, will be available soon at Amazon. Learn more about this book and others McGyver has written, including “Northern Survival”, on her website ( or her Amazon Author Page (

Latest book by John Graham-Pole

A Boy and his Soul is the second in my trilogy of novels for and about children, teens, and their families, inspired by 40 years of caring for children with cancer. My first was Blood Work, published in 2018. Both A Boy and his Soul and Blood Work are available for sale through the HARP website ( A Boy and his Soul is a fantasy—but born of the real- life experiences of very ill and dying children.

Eleven-year-old Jeremy, who has advanced leukemia, becomes aware of the presence of his ‘animated’ soul, Jewel, inside of him. Jewel guides Jeremy in helping his family and friends come to a peaceful acceptance of his coming death. These scenes are interwoven with Jeremy’s near-death experience. After an apparent journey to Heaven, he returns to Earth to say his final goodbyes to all his caregivers, friends, and family.

As a pediatrician who has cared for many children who have died, I hope this book will make it easier for children and grown-ups to talk about such hard, hard things. Its end-of-life theme, lived through the heart and mind of a young boy, has I believe universal appeal. The story is a fantasy—but it is born of the real-life experiences of very ill and dying children. Though parts of this book may be challenging for the reader, I believe the hopeful and sometime humorous tone of A Boy and his Soul makes it an inspiring read.

Tears of sorrow, laughter and joy heal us as our souls connect with this boy who found his own soul. Sandra Bertman, Ph.D., Author, Grief and the Healing Arts: Creativity as Therapy

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to be in touch with me.

John Graham-Pole



HARP Publishing

John Graham-Pole

Since retiring from the University of Florida as a professor of pediatrics, oncology, and palliative care, I and my wife, Dorothy Lander, a retired professor of adult education, have lived in Clydesdale, Nova Scotia, and work with artists, healthcare folk, and many others in our community to explore how the creative arts can benefit our personal and communal health. I’ve written nine other books of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

HARP Publishing | 216 Clydesdale Rd, Clydesdale, Nova Scotia B2G 2K9 Canada

Geopark gets official UNESCO designation

Good morning everyone,

I am reaching out to you with the official announcement of the UNESCO designation for the Cliffs of Fundy Geopark. As of 7 a.m. EDT today, the announcement is official and you can hear it on CBC radio throughout the day, CBC Halifax TV News tonight, CBC The National this evening and many other media and tourism sources as well as social media. I have attached the official press releases for you and ask you to help us celebrate.

Get out to one of our geosites today and do a Happy Dance! Send me your pictures and a story about where you are or post on Facebook. You can follow us on FB or Twitter @fundygeopark. Please help us share the news.

Have a great day!!

Beth Peterkin


Cliffs of Fundy Geosite

Some Exciting News for Maritime Art List’s Tomas Guinan

With so many of us confined to our homes during COVID-19 playing video games has helped occupy the time. Tomas Guinan is a local Indie Game Developer, in Bible Hill, NS. He runs a one-man studio and has been programming games for the NES since 2017. Guinan has been a Nintendo fan his whole life, but never imagined he would one day actually create a game for Nintendo. His first game for the Nintendo Switch is being released this Thursday, May 7.

In late 2018, he was contracted by two American companies, Limited Run Games and Interabang Entertainment, to develop a game based on the Jay and Silent Bob movie franchise. Jay and Silent Bob are two of Hollywood filmmaker/actor Kevin Smith’s most iconic characters and now they’re set to make their video game debut in Mall Brawl. For Guinan to be asked to develop such a game was a huge undertaking and for it to be his first Nintendo release makes it even more exciting. Guinan spent over a year developing the game, coding the whole thing by himself from scratch to run on NES hardware, then porting it to modern systems. “Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl” is being released this Thursday, May 7, on digital download for Nintendo Switch.

Here are a few articles previewing the game:

To contact Tomas Guinan:

FREE download e-book program offered by NS/Halifax Libraries

Everyone needs a good read these day, from something light and entertaining, to informative about the situation we are in or something to get one through the days ahead. We are one of five Atlantic publishers chosen to provide readers with FREE e-book downloads of our latest titles. In conjunction with the NS provincial and Halifax Public library systems. All one needs is a library card ( one can register online) to obtain a Free ebook to read … the program lasts for almost six weeks that began on April 16. New World’s latest title just completed as the pandemic began is a fascinating story by Ian Cameron, MD, entitled Quarantine,What is Old is New, which will be the third book in the series from April 30 – May 6. It is a story of the stark reality of epidemics/pandemics during the great period of immigration to Canada via the Port of Halifax, and what people here did to protect citizens for almost 100 years; it concludes with 2 Postscripts: one on a recent archaeological survey in photos of the island quarantine station and two: an update on worst 10 pandemics since 165 AD, as well as information on coronaviruses and the be early stages of the COVID–19 outbreak up to March 12 when WHO declared it an official pandemic. Included in the series are 3 novels and great non-fiction title Silver Linings about growth and resilience during adversity and stress – surely something to read after the history/stark reality of Quarantine.

Thank you

Stay safe/be well


Francis Mitchell

Managing Editor

New World Publishing (Canada)