Announcing the launch of Maritime Art Info!

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Maritime Art Info! I was so sad when I read that the Maritime Art List would be closing down; it’s such a valuable resource for our area (I’m an artist living and working in the valley). The more I thought about it the more I thought I could find a way to build a replacement (the service used by Maritime Art List is shutting down so I had to figure out a new option). It took longer than I expected, and was more of a headache than I expected, but it’s working :-) It’s not exactly the same as the Art List, but it’s as close as I could get it to be. There is a small fee to receive the daily emails – every provider I could find charged money so I need the fee to cover costs. It’s very reasonable, and you can choose the amount you’d like to pay. It’s free to list on the website so please sign up and post your news and events! There is also an instruction guide if you’re not very techy :o) If there is another aspect to the service that you think would be a good addition please let me know –

I would love for this to provide the same service as the Art List has, but for that I need the community to come with me. Will you come? :o)




Visual Voice Fine Art ~ HopeFULL VIRTUAL GROUP ART SHOW May 9-June 5

At Visual Voice Fine Art we are optimistic about the future and trust the measurements our province has set will have their desired effect to get us all together again. While the gallery is closed we hope to bring joy and relaxation with our art in a virtual format.

HopeFULL is an eclectic exhibit to indulge any taste. It features the work of: Barbara McLean, Judith J. Leidl, Gary Saunders, Carol Morrison, Diana Baldwin, Diane Cote, Kate Georgallas, Nora Gross, Lynn Johnson, Rosemary Young Clarke, Kit Clarke, Anna Syperek, Rob Maloney, Colin Chase, Joanne Gallant-Chilton, Kath & Robert Rutherford, Dorothea LeBlanc, Ellen Moershel, and introducing James Axon and Patty Lively to our gallery family.

See the show at:

We are happy to ship. Looking for something special? Tell us your preferences and we will find something to please you within your budget.

902-VIEWING (843-9464)
Visual Voice is located at 128 King St, Truro, NS