Our high quality Russian birch wood panels, cradled panels and Framing Essentials are still available!

Cradled and Non-Cradled Russian Birch Panels

Artists are trying to keep creative during the pandemic…and we’re here to help! Our high quality Russian birch wood panels, cradled panels and Framing Essentials are still available to local artists and art groups. Non-gessoed panels are available in 3mm and 6mm depths and our cradled panels are manufactured in standard depths of 7/8” or 1-5/8” (gallery) wood frames. We also now offer 2 and 3” depth cradles upon request at extra cost.

Made to order, when you order. Yes, we make all our panels! Whether you need 100 panels or just one, there is no minimum order. Each order is cut to your specifications and delivery is FREE within our weekly delivery area in the Annapolis Valley on orders over $100 (before HST). Delivery to Halifax/HRM is available. Custom panel orders are welcome. No minimum order.

Because of the challenges we are all currently facing, we’ve just had to change the way we provide them to make sure we all stay safe. Curbside delivery or pick up is available. We are not accepting cash at this time and we do not accept cheques. Etransfer preferred.

Contact us for our current price list or visit our website or Facebook Page to see a list of our products.

Thank you for shopping local!

Email: twisteddoorbell@gmail.com

Website: www.twisteddoorbell.com

Facebook: @twisteddoorbell

Teichert Gallery’s Spring Group Show: “Stay the Blazes Home” continues until June 14th

Teichert Gallery’s Spring Group Show:

“Stay the Blazes Home” continues until June 14th

Teichert Gallery presents “Stay the Blazes Home”-a virtual exhibit of diverse, original art from over 50 Nova Scotia artists. Until June 14th at teichertgallery.ca/pages/artists.

Wrong Mask Ladies – Deborah Maurer

Escape – Gwen Dueck

Red Barn Blue Shadows – Jeanne Aisthorpe

About Teichert Gallery

Teichert Gallery is Atlantic Canada’s largest non-profit art sales and rental gallery supporting more than 200 local artists. With a small team of staff and volunteers, Teichert offers over 1,000 works for sale or rent annually in the Gallery and online. For over 40 years, the Gallery has donated all profits to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia to buy art for the Permanent Collection. teichertgallery.ca.

For more information, please contact:

Andrea Smith

Executive Director


902 424 3087

Instagram | Facebook | Web site


We’re Open,

& also available by appointment

Photo: Sylvie Mousseau pour Acadie Nouvelle

  • We’ve shortened our hours of operation and are now open to the public 3 days a week.

  • We’ve taken all safety and hygiene measures seriously to insure you have a safe visit.

  • We know you might not feel comfortable visiting the Gallery during our public hours. Know that we are available for Private in Gallery Appointments & Virtual Appointments Any Day of the Week.

  • Nous avons raccourci nos heures d’ouverture et sommes ouverts au public 3 jours par semaine.

  • Nous avons pris les mesures de sécurité et d’hygiène au sérieux pour vous assurer une visite en toute sécurité.

    Nous savons que vous ne sentez peut-être pas à l’aise de visiter la Galerie pendant nos heures d’ouverture. Sachez que nous sommes disponibles pour des rendez-vous privés en galerie et des rendez-vous virtuels, tous les jours de la semaine

Check out our online Gallery at appleart.co

View and Shop by Artist

Just click on the Artist and browse their portfolio.

We’re always available to send you the extra information you require.

Searching for a local gift?

View and shop the Boutique for pottery, original prints, woodwork and more.

We’ve put together a nice selection of locally made items that stay in the $15 to $200 price range. Items are being added every week.

Search by Artist, Collection or Price.

We offer:

Free local delivery

Financing for purchasing

Financing for leasing

*Original Artwork is Always Tax Deductible

Un gros Merci à l’Acadie Nouvelle et Sylvie Mousseau de toujours montrer de l’interest dans notre petite Galerie et les Arts!

Apple Art Gallery

333 St. George Street,

Suite#200 – 2nd Floor,

Moncton, NB, Canada


Folow Us:







At Art Lab we’ve not cancelled any of our courses beyond the end of June. So we will encourage you to sign up for any of our courses. We’ll be limiting the numbers of students in order to maintain social distancing protocols. IF we have to cancel a full refund will be given. We may also move some courses to an on line course if necessary and any student signed up for the onsite course will have preference to move to the on line format if that’s their wish.
Keep well – Michael@ Art Lab..
Contact info@artlabstudios.ca for more information or sign up on line at www.parrsborocreative.com


Now and Then at The Craig Gallery

Hello friends!

We miss seeing you all at The Craig Gallery, but we’re so glad we’re able to continue to provide you with some fine local art to enjoy. We’re currently hoping to be able to open our doors once again in the nearish future, though we currently have not determined a date. Stay tuned for updates on the situation.

In the month of June we welcome Taiya Barss with her retrospective, though we’re unable to host an opening reception, you’ll be able to enjoy the show on our website and hopefully in person eventually! Best to you all.



Taiya Barss

“Now and Then

A Retrospective”

at The Craig Gallery

June 10 – July 5

Now and Then

Artist’s Statement

I have never dated my work. Mainly because the final, finished date is often uncertain. I usually work on several paintings at once, working on one, then putting it away and working on another. I have been sure one was done, hung it on my wall for one year, or three, then decided it wasn’t quite right, something doesn’t work. So, I would haul it down and work on it again until I’m satisfied.

There is one, the oldest work here ,”Dark of the Moon”, which has 1964 written on the back.. The rest move from then to now.

I move from earthy, monochromatic tones to bright colour, without a conscious , thoughtful direction. It just happens, and may reflect whether my life is filled with more darkness than light at the time, or the opposite. Or perhaps I just wanted a change in palette, to burst out or reflect inwards.

I love words, and a phrase, like “Snail Mail” will stick in my head and produce an image. “Pare!”, an imperative command, and a play on “pear”, words and fruit both there . Grammatical errors, “Split Infinitive”, or “Dangling Paticiple” give rise to small abstracts.

A black crow is a strong shape to work with, jumping fish elegant and graceful. A dragonfly flits through my mind, darting this way and that., until I stop the flight and put her in a frame.

I send these ideas out, from my mind to my hand , hoping to connect with the person who stands in front of my work and sees what I offer them. ” –Taiya Barss

Check out our website for info on upcoming exhibits: www.alderneylanding.com/gallery

Lee Cripps
Fine Arts Program Director
The Craig Gallery Curator
My Office Hours Are Tuesday – Friday 9am – 5pm
Instagram @thecraiggallery

books ; art residencies

Art residency program and 2nd hand book shop & Gallery

Long list of Art books available , Happy hunting


We also are offering a surprise package 5 books of any topic you are interested in for $60.00 includes delivery

There is also a long list of books on all subjects available. Happy reading!


Tune into our Virtual Festival June 20th-28th


June 20 – 21 – Artists Paint
June 22 – July 5 – On Line Exhibition and Sale
June 28 – Awards Announcement – On Line

Unfortunately, and due to the world wide pandemic we have had to cancel our historic approach to PIPAF for this year, to both protect the artists and the community.
The 2020 Artists juried into the now cancelled event have all agreed to be a part of this wonderful new initiative. We will be asking them to paint “en plein aire” from within their world of isolation, to reflect in their art the conditions and world that they are experiencing in this new world of Covid -19
          • The artists and the general public will be able to follow the activity and productivity of each artist on line and in real time.
          • The art work created will be exhibited on line and judged by master artist Tom Forrestall C.M., O.N.S., B.F.A., LLD, RCA.
          • The art work will be for sale allowing you to collect a piece of the snapshot of North American at this time of change.\

            To discover more about the 2020 Artists press on the link below:


ONLINE WORKSHOPS at ARGYLE FINE ART! Sign up today for Fun and Learning!


SATURDAY, MAY 23rd, $30

The first part of the class is from 1pm-2pm and then following up later that evening 7pm-8pm.

VIA ZOOM (we can help you set this up if you are unfamiliar with it)

This workshop will help you learn how to see and draw from observation. In April, Briana taught her first ZOOM class with a focus on contour drawings and values. Now she’s going to speak to composition and form. You can take this class even if you didn’t take the previous class- a refresher will be provided to all that sign up with some guidance of the stages of observational drawing thus far. You only need some paper, a pencil and an ink pen should you wish, to participate. The workshop will be recorded for you to review later, should you require it.

Learning to Draw YOUR HOME with Craig Baltzer

SATURDAY, MAY 30th, $30

The first part of the class is from 1pm-2pm and then following up later that evening 7pm-8pm.

VIA ZOOM (we can help you set this up if you are unfamiliar with it)

NO PREVIOUS experience required! Get ready to draw your home, one line at a time. Artist Craig Baltzer will teach you how to draw your very own home! The first part of the workshop he wil do a number of demos, speak about your tools of the trade (pencils and paper and more) and how to begin! There will be lots of time to ask questions and get assistance throughout the day. Then we will all come together again from 7pm-8pm and continue with our work or share what we accomplished thus far. The workshop will be recorded for you to review later should you require it.


SUNDAY, JUNE 21st, $50 with supplies

($40 if you choose to use your own supplies. If you choose this option, please request a full materials list asap so you are prepared)

The first part of the class is from 1pm-2pm and then following up later that evening 7pm-8pm.

VIA ZOOM (we can help you set this up if you are unfamiliar with it)

This workshop was originally planned to take place in person, however we are assuming that we will have to social distance at this time, so we are taking this class online. If we are allowed to host in person at the gallery, we will try to accommodate all that sign up for either online or in person.

The first part of the workshop will include a discussion by Sharon and demo(s) regarding using oil paint as well as getting the participants to begin mixing colours and getting the beginning of a painting underway. Then we will all come together again from 7pm-8pm and continue with our work or share what we have done and ask further questions. Sharon will provide additional guidance and resources for future projects and exercises you may want to try. The entire workshop will be recorded for your future review should you require it.


You will be painting either a rabbit or a fox. Source photos will be provided prior to the class via email. Supply packages to do the workshop will be available for pick-up for the class on either Monday( June 15) or Wednesday (June 17th) from the gallery via a contactless pick-up between 10am-4pm. If that is not possible, other arrangements and delivery options can be arranged. If you live outside HRM, supplies could be mailed or couriered for an additional fee.

An example of an oil painting by Sharon Cave (SOLD)

Argyle Fine Art
1559 Barrington Street
Halifax, NS
B3J 1Z7


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Bear River Artworks Gallery 2020 online experience!

The artists at Bear River Artworks Gallery are launching their 2020 gallery season with an online experience.

Check out artworks by Karen Aaker, Roisin Cadieux, Flora Doehler, Arlene Dubo, Gary Fraser, Larry Knox, Crystal Pyne, Joan Stanley, and Laurel Strachan at bearriverartworks.com

All work on display is for sale. Prices and details are noted. Shipping costs are extra or, to practice safe-distancing, curb-side pick-up can be arranged. For purchase inquiries please contact the artists via our gallery email: bearriverartworks@gmail.com.

We miss you! Send us your feedback!