A Is For Art, a holistic platform for Nova Scotian artisans. From workshops and shows, to galleries and art news

A Is For Art, a holistic platform for Nova Scotian artisans. From workshops and shows, to galleries and art news, A Is For Art is committed to providing a one stop shop for what’s what in the local art community. Our aim is to encourage the continued growth and development of local arts and culture.

There are so many associations and opportunities for art and design that you can get caught up in just searching for what is available to you. We strive to bridge that gap and provide a base where you can promote your own event, look at what others are doing, and see what might be available to you as a local artist.

Part of our commitment will be to promote local artists, each month there will be a new featured artist. This showcase is to provide exposure and support for artists and celebrate the beauty of our art community. If you would like to be a part of that please contact us and let us know.

To register an event please visit the event submission page. Please note that these events should be art related and in Nova Scotia – they can be anything from a lecture and workshop to an exhibit or demonstration and will be listed according to the date they are being held.

Your art community is only as strong as what you put into it – so please help us grow:) If you have an association, or gallery or event that you believe should be listed here please contact us and let us know.

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Announcing the launch of Maritime Art Info!

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Maritime Art Info! I was so sad when I read that the Maritime Art List would be closing down; it’s such a valuable resource for our area (I’m an artist living and working in the valley). The more I thought about it the more I thought I could find a way to build a replacement (the service used by Maritime Art List is shutting down so I had to figure out a new option). It took longer than I expected, and was more of a headache than I expected, but it’s working :-) It’s not exactly the same as the Art List, but it’s as close as I could get it to be. There is a small fee to receive the daily emails – every provider I could find charged money so I need the fee to cover costs. It’s very reasonable, and you can choose the amount you’d like to pay. It’s free to list on the website so please sign up and post your news and events! There is also an instruction guide if you’re not very techy :o) If there is another aspect to the service that you think would be a good addition please let me know – info@maritimeartinfo.com

I would love for this to provide the same service as the Art List has, but for that I need the community to come with me. Will you come? :o)





“Ramp It Up!” Wrap Up


Our 3rd biennial “Ramp It Up!” fundraiser in support of Lunenburg’s Second Story Women’s Centre has been an incredible success! Our School was unsure of how the COVID-19 restrictions, which required us to host a “virtual” event, would effect this year’s fundraiser. We are truly bowled-over by our community’s engagement and support.

Our goal was set at $4500.00, and thanks to the very generous community support we were able to exceed this goal and raise over $5000.00. 100% of the proceeds go to the Second Story Women’s Centre. We thank all of the bowl purchasers and donors!

We are truly grateful for all of our volunteers and artisans who made this event possible. A special “Thank You” to Douglas Bamford who led this effort, and who enlisted others to assist him in creating over 100 bowls. We are also grateful to the many local Artists who contributed their handsomely decorated pieces, and to our students who made some of our beautiful bowls. Lastly, a big “Thank You” to The Pottery Supply House of Oakville, Ontario, for its generous donation of clay.

Our School is incredibly proud to be able to provide this assistance to Second Story Women’s Centre, especially in these COVID-19 times, and we look forward to an in-person “Ramp It Up!” in 2023.


Lunenburg School of the Arts
6 Prince Street, P.O. Box 610
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
B0J 2C0 Canada


Ramp It Up! 2021 UPDATE

“RAMP IT UP!” 2021

In our announcement this past April 28th with respect to “Ramp It Up! 2021”, we said that “we shall pay close attention to Dr. Strang’s advice and will make any changes that are necessary in order to be absolutely consistent with the directives of our Public Health Authority.”

In his directive yesterday, Dr. Strang ordered that retail sales cease except for essential items until the end of May. Thus, our planned fundraiser sale cannot proceed at this time.

In consideration of these COVID directives we propose to launch our “Ramp It Up!” sale at 10:00am on Monday, June 7, 2021, on Lunenburg’s 268th Birthday. The sale will then close on Saturday, June 12, at 4:00pm. However, the bowls and platters can be viewed on our website beginning on Monday, May 10th at 10:00am. This will give everybody plenty of time to make their choice before for the opening of the sale on June 7th.

Stay tuned and stay safe!

To learn more or view our online gallery please visit: