Private Organic Songwriting Sessions Online with Jim Henman

A message from Jim Henman, performer, songwriter and founding member of Canada’s April Wine and inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Are you isolated, or quarantined, or bored and looking for a new adventure during these strange days. If so you might want to consider my Private Organic Songwriting sessions online. I have been using the Organic Songwriting Method with my audiences at smaller venues for almost 5 years now and have wanted to take it online. NOW seems the right time! So if you or anyone you know (12 and older), is interested in a private songwriting adventure contact me privately thru messenger. PLEASE SHARE and CLICK link below for more Songwriting Session info, song samples and more at

If you are interested in taking part in the Organic Songwriting Sessions drop me an email at or contact me thru messenger. ~Jim Henman

A great ART CHALLENGE with PRIZES for young people who are on an extended March Break!

Christopher Webb – Visual Artist

A great ART CHALLENGE with PRIZES (see below) for young people who are on an extended March Break!

Follow me @ Christopher Webb – Visual Artist on Instagram or Facebook. Create your best work of art. Put in on Facebook or Instagram (yours or with the help of a parent or guardian you can use their acct) and simply tag me along with your first name, age, where you are from and what your image is all about!

3rd: $100.00 gift certificate to an art supply store near you!

2nd: You and I will do an art exchange…I’ll send you a watercolour and you’ll send me a piece!

1st: I’ll visit you at your school (wherever you are) and meet you in person, do an art lesson with your art class…and talk to your school! I’ll also bring some fun things along with me for you and your friends!

Hi Friends! PLEASE SHARE and let’s get the word out to try and engage our young people in making great art this ‘extended’ March Break! If you have children or grandchildren…encourage them to take some time to CREATE!


Watch Christopher Webb On Global Video link

Sashiko for Beginners Online Course by Kate Ward

Sashiko for Beginners

Online Sashiko Course ‘Sashiko for Beginners’

Focus on perfecting your stitching form and structure. Practice methods for establishing and perfecting Sashiko style stitching. Finish up by applying your new skills to mend your much loved garments and impress everyone with your creativity!

The course provides:

– Access to step by step videos, with close up shots for all the details (its the equivalent to a 2 day weekend course)

– Learn over 10 different hitomezashi stitches

– Get my master list of my favourite tools, and where to buy them

– Free stitching guides

– Download templates

– Lifetime access with unlimited updates

– Streaming videos can be played anywhere on any device or download to keep on your hard drive

– Content is yours to keep forever

Now is the perfect opportunity to learn something new, mend and beautify your clothes, and benefit from the mindfulness stitching provides.

Book online at

Here’s what others think about the course “It’s very well done, your explanations are clear and concise, it’s a good pace and your voice is so pleasant to listen to. I really appreciate being able to see exactly what you’re doing and if necessary do a review as needed. I’m enjoying the close-ups, the tips, those important little bits of information that can get forgotten when one is processing new information and focusing on a new stitching skill at the same time. “

Warm regards

Kate Ward


Artist | Curator | Educator

2020 Ground Rules Exhibition

May 25 – June 27 @ The Centre, Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design, Sydney NS

September 19 – November 15 @ Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery, Halifax NS

Online Sashiko Course ‘Sashiko for Beginners’



Deadline: MARCH 31, 2020

The Lunenburg Art Gallery, a vibrant community gallery with 150 Members,

invites individuals and groups to submit proposals for the 2021 exhibition year.

Click HERE for our Submissions Form.

Click HERE for Inventory Form.


We require:

  1. Description of Proposed Exhibition
  2. Description of any special support / display requirements
  3. Current Artist Bio in PDF format with contact information including phone #
  4. Up to 5 hi-res JPG images of recent work, each clearly labeled with artist’s name, title, date, medium, price and dimension of each work


The Jury:

  • Our Exhibition Committee will evaluate submissions based on the suitability of your art to our market, to others being considered in the show, and other shows selected for our season. Feedback is not provided. Don’t be discouraged if we decline your submission. We receive and review many attractive submissions. Try again next year.


We will enjoy reviewing:

  • Two- and three-dimensional original art, film, digital, installation. Challenge us! Excite us!

We won’t consider you:

  • If you submit reproductions, giclees, works not original to you, works over five years old

  • If you have a paid exhibition space or a gallery in Lunenburg at the time of application or during the year of your intended show

  • If submissions contradict the values of the Gallery.

The fine print:

We retain a 30% commission on all sold art

INSURANCE on your art is YOUR responsibility.

Print the form, complete it, scan and send to Elise Walmsley, Exhibitions Chair at

Or Mail to: Lunenburg Art Gallery, att. Exhibitions Submissions,

PO Box 1418 Lunenburg NS Canada B0J 2C0

Stomping Ground is an exciting group show coming to the Ice House Gallery at the Grace Jollymore Joyce Arts Centre in September

Stomping Ground is an exciting group show coming to the Ice House Gallery at the Grace Jollymore Joyce Arts Centre.

Join us for the opening reception on September 12th between 1:00pm -2:30pm
Show continues until September 27th.

Participating artists:
Marcel Kerkhoff
Laura Kenney
Jack Ross
Megan Connors
Barbara McLean
Kristina Sobstad
Mariette Roosenburg
Ted Coldwell
Ron Kuwahara
Don Pentz
Judith Newman
Geoffery Grantham
Jay Ouellette
Carol Morrison
Shauna MacLeod
Louise Pentz
Mary Jane Lundy
Kay Stanfield
Teresa Bergen
Heather Pitts
Todd Vassallo
Sarah Irwin
Brandt Eisner
Andrew Quon


Im·print – A Group Show opens at The Chase Gallery Oct.3-29

Im·print – A Group Show

-to fix indelibly or permanently (as on the memory)
-to subject to or induce by imprinting
-an indelible distinguishing effect or influence

The Chase Gallery, Nova Scotia Archives
Opening Reception, October 3rd from 3:00-5:00pm
Show continues until October 29th

Participating Artists:
Steven Rhude
Kathy Seaboyer
Anthony Clementi
Megan Connors
Marcel Kerkhoff
Maria Doering
Laura Kenney
Louise Pentz
Lisa Cochrane
Peter Kinsella
Shauna MacLeod
Teresa Bergen
Brandt Eisner
Cynthia Henry
Andrew Quon
Curtis Botham

“I Am What I Am” is an exciting group art show coming to the Chase Exhibition Gallery in July 2020

“I Am What I Am” is an exciting group art show coming to the Chase Exhibition Gallery in July 2020.

Based on constructs of identity, participating artists will feature work that asks us to probe ideas surrounding who we are, how we are perceived, and why does it all matter?

Join us for an opening reception July 8th from 6:00pm-7:30pm
Show continues until July 30th

Participating Artists:
Lee Cripps
Brandt Eisner
Margarita Fainshtein
Séamus Gallagher
Arjun Lal
Shauna MacLeod
Regina Marzlin
Lucas Morneau
Carol Morrison
James Neish
Andrew Quon
Jack Ross
Alan Syliboy
Miya Turnbull
Alana Wilson