FALL Painting Classes with Twila Robar-DeCoste

Please call or email to secure your place as they are now quite limited.

COVID protocols in place.


***NEW website**** www.windsong-studio.ca


902 847 9847

I look forward to working with you!


Still Time to Sign Up for ZOOM course Watercolor Portraiture with William (Bill) Rogers


William (Bill) Rogers AWS CSPWC TWSA is having a 4 week Zoom course on Watercolor Portraiture through Chesapeake Fine Art Studio.

Still time to sign up.


Encaustic workshop with Lynn Rotin BFA BA on Sunday, October 18

Encaustic workshop with Lynn Rotin BFA BA

Come spend a day having fun experimenting with the encaustic painting technique. What is encaustic? Simply put, it’s painting with melted beeswax coloured with pigment. An ancient technique, it goes back to the Greeks who caulked and decorated their boats with it.

I have taught the encaustic painting method to almost 300 people including high school students, artists (rug hookers, jewellers, weavers, painters etc) as well as many non-artists. Encaustic is fun and forgiving and no previous art experience is necessary.

You will have one 8×8″ followed by two 10×10″ wooden supports to paint on. All waxes will be supplied. I have tools and brushes to work with as well.

Date: Sunday October 18

Cost: $175 + $50 for materials

Location: 726 West Pennant Road (a half hour from the Armdale Rotary, five minutes from the corner store). 902-346-2018

Plus an organic, vegetarian lunch eaten on the deck (if the weather permits) amongst the fading perennial beds.

Full payment upon registration by cheque (full address below) or e-transfer (lynnrotin@gmail.com).

***Full refund if cancellation is two weeks before the workshop (by October 4)

For registration please email me at lynnrotin@gmail.com or call 902-346-2018

Lynn Rotin


726 West Pennant Road

West Pennant, NS

B3V 1M2


7ARTS – 2D Drawing Fundamentals Class starts Sept.23

7ARTS – 2D Drawing Fundamentals

Join Jennifer Bass at 7Arts in Greenwood, N.S., for a series of drawing classes. Drawing fundamentals is geared toward late teens and adults. Whether you have an artist background or are looking to improve your art through formal training, this course will lay out the skills for drawing from real life and bringing that work to life. The course will cover seven elements, Line, Shape, Texture, Value, Form, Space and Colour.

Classes run for five weeks, starting 23 September, each Wednesday from 7 to 9 pm. Cost is $100 for all five or $20 drop in fee.

See the 7Arts facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/7Arts2/

for more details or contact Jennifer at art.jenbass@gmail.com


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Portrait zoom workshop Sept. 24 with William (Bill) Rogers AWS CSPWC TWSA


William (Bill) Rogers AWS CSPWC TWSA is having a 4 week Zoom course on Watercolor Portraiture through Chesapeake Fine Art Studio.

Still time to sign up.


Access to course content available on 21 September 2020. Places are limited

The Garden Party is a six week course that explores different ways to enhance and manipulate fabric as the foundation layer for your Zen Stitching projects.

This is an introductory course where you will discover the magic of natural dyes, eco-printing, resist printing, block printing and mark making to decorate the surface of fabric prior to stitching.

Held over a series of six consecutive weeks, with recorded video lessons and downloadable pdf handouts. This means you have lifetime access to the information – so if you need to go back and refresh your memory you can.

For more information and to register please visit: https://learn.zenstitching.ca/courses/garden-party

Thank you so much

Warm regards

Kate Ward



Artist | Curator | Educator

2020 Lumiere Artist

2021 Ground Rules Exhibition, Sydney, NS

Online Sashiko Courses

This Saturday September 19th, 2-5pm ~ Take a 3-hour online workshop with Henry Tian

How to paint FAST and GOOD – a 3-hour online workshop with Henry Tian

Hello all! My name is Henry Tian and I am a professional oil painter working in the tradition of realism. I display at Art 1274 Hollis gallery. I am excited to offer an online workshop where I will show you how to simplify your subject so that you can capture the essence of the subject in a short amount of time. (The examples shown here – my son and the owl, were each painted in just 1.5 hours). Now, this is not about speed at all. It’s about developing your ability and skill to see the important visual elements that make up your subject and capture them with your paint. The speed and efficiency of how I paint is only a by-product of how I see and what I know. And I want to share that with you in this online workshop.

You will learn:

How to use your peripheral vision to get the gestalt of your subject before the details

How to see shapes abstractly instead of concretely

How to see the transition between any two shapes (a key for realism)

How to mix any color in the visual world with a basic 12-color palette

How to make your brushstrokes effective and interesting (no more aimless dabbing, I have been there…)

How to use the above knowledge in a painting

The structure and detail of the workshop is as follows:

3-hour online video session over Skype ( you can ask me questions live as I go)

First hour is a discussion of key concepts and techniques in oil painting

Second hour is a demo with commentaries

Third hour is finishing the demo and group discussion

When: Saturday September 19th, 2-5pm (video replay will be provided afterwards so you can watch it over and over again if needed)

Fee: $33 (e-transfer is the preferred method of payment)

Bonus: I will send you the real-time video of how I painted my son and the owl, each in 1.5 hours only, so you can watch every step of my process. You can even watch these videos before the workshop so you can ask specific questions during the actual workshop.

Please email me at henrytian.art@gmail.com to register! Thank you.

Henry Tian, figurative artist based in Halifax, NS.

Website: www.henrywtian.com

Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/c/DecompressArt

Represented by: Art 1274 Hollis Gallery

1274 Hollis St, Halifax NS B3J 1T6



Wheelie Wednesdays start next week! Only a few spots left!

Wheelie Wednesdays start next week!
There are only a few spots left — don’t miss out!

Anyone who has taken a previous wheel throwing class is welcome to join us for this workshop with one of LSA’s favourite instructors, Marla Benton! This is a great opportunity to explore next steps in wheel throwing like creating complex forms and assembling multiple forms together.

‘Wheelie Wednesdays: Advanced Wheel Throwing’ with Marla Benton
Wednesdays, Sept. 23 – Oct. 28 / 5 sessions + pick up / 9am – 1pm / $350

Only a few spots left — don’t miss out! 

To learn more or to register please visit: lunenburgarts.org/workshops/wheelie-wednesdays-fall2020

To see our full Fall 2020 Schedule, please visit:


Our mailing address is:

Lunenburg School of the Arts

6 Prince St., PO Box 610

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia B0J 2C0