Jacqueline Steudler’s Healing Hearts Collective

Have you lost a loved one in the last year or a while ago and feel that your grief keeps you from stepping back into your creative flow?

Jacqueline Steudler’s Healing Hearts Collective a community of like-minded, compassionate women, and the weekly prompts will help you heal without feeling that you’re leaving your loved one behind.

Is there art-making involved? You bet. (smile)

Jacqueline is a trained art therapist and has extensive knowledge in grief coaching.

The membership model works well for your grief recovery process because it helps you fill your toolbox with compassionate actions you can use at any time in the future. You can stay for a month or a year. It’s up to you how much help and support you want.

Once a month, the community meets online on zoom for a group coaching call with Jacqueline.

Sign up today for less than a dollar a day and take the first steps that help you through your first years of grieving so that you feel heard and in control of your healing journey without feeling like you’re leaving your loved one behind.


Please get in touch with Jacqueline if you have any questions jacqueline(at)healingforgrievinghearts.com


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