Maritime Art List to end next Wednesday, June 30th

As a reminder/ in case you missed our initial posting:

Dear Friends, Fellow Artists and Subscribers to Maritime Art List,

As of July the email subscription service we use to deliver updates to you will be discontinued. For the past 10 years Maritime Art List has provided a daily update to subscribers, but with this news we have decided it is time for us to also exit.

We will continue posting whatever you send us until June 30th as we are always happy to help get the word out. If you provide a similar service to this one we would be happy to list your contact info and help promote it. We still believe in the grassroots approach, so be kind and care, be happy for one another, encourage and build one another up!

A special Thank You to the hundreds who took time to drop us a note of appreciation to let us know that we have made a positive impact over the years. Sorry we haven’t answered each one personally, but each one was read and our hearts were truly touched.

Best wishes always~ Janice Guinan & Tomas Guinan