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The Shapes of Lakes

REOPENING: June 17 — June 27, 2021
in-person gallery hours restart on June 17th (Thursdays and Fridays, 4-7pm; Saturdays and Sundays, 12-6pm); or by appointment (email or call 902 329 3796).



The Shapes of Lakes is a series of new wall-based works by Halifax artist and Hermes member Eryn Foster. In this work, Foster colourfully explores abstract forms and amorphous shapes she delightfully and obsessively takes notice of in nature. Reminiscent of water bodies, these works also depict random shape patterns that Foster has also come to observe in other natural spaces both micro and macroscopic. Selected works will be available for sale as well as exhibition “souvenirs”.

About the Artist:
Eryn Foster is an interdisciplinary artist based in K’jipuktuk/Halifax. She also works as a curator, filmmaker, educator, arts administrator and consultant. Her work has previously been shown in artist-run centres, galleries, museums, and various off-site locations across Canada and beyond. She has participated in several artist residencies such as ones at the Banff Centre (Alberta), the Macdowell Colony (New Hampshire), Cite des Arts (Paris) and Artscape Gibralter Point (Toronto). Foster has previously also been the recipient of numerous grants and awards, most recently, a research & creation grant from the Canada Council in support of her ongoing art/science project
A Proposition of Organisms. At present she works out of her studio in The Blue Building (2482 Maynard St, Halifax) and is a proud tenant of the Wonder’neath Art Society. Her exhibition at Hermes, The Shapes of Lakes, is her first solo (gallery-based) show in more than a decade. Please be so kind to not visit her website, it is very out of date, but she promises it will be refreshed within the next couple of months. You can instead follow her on instagram @eryn.fosterini

Hermes Gallery, 5682 North Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Eryn Foster, The Shapes of Lakes
REOPENING: June 17 — June 27, 2021



July 3 — August 1, 2021
open Saturdays and Sundays, 12-6pm; or by arrangement with the artists

Smith Corona Super Sterling

Comosed is a quality of being as well as the act of combining, assembling and making. This collaborative installation by Robert Bean and Barbara Lounder considers the potentials of making, writing, and reflecting during a period of constraints and limitations: folding, walking, dialogue, stories and cartographies create opportunities to circumvent perceived and required boundaries.

Robert Bean assembles recent artworks based on inscription, writing machines, scores and diagrams. During the pandemic, the disregarded tools of everyday life revise potential engagements with unimagined transformations. This happens through basic gestures such as walking, making and writing.

For more work by Bean, see projects Questions of Obsolescence, 273 (brushing information against information) and Writing Machines.

Barbara Lounder performs a new composition on a 1967 Smith Corona Super Sterling portable typewriter. This work combines excerpts from Lounder’s writing and walking-based artwork, Corona Walker with transcriptions from several related fiction and non-fiction texts by other writers. The performance of Super Sterling takes place live in the gallery at occasional intervals, with the resulting compositions exhibited as visual scores. A set of handmade walking sticks recalls the potentials of everyday mobility.

For more by Lounder, see Corona Walker on Instagram and Walking Artists Network.

Hermes Gallery, 5682 North Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Robert Bean & Barbara Lounder, Composed
July 3 – August 1, 2021

Hermes Gallery
5682 North Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia