Don Pentz ~ Images of the Keji Country Book Release

Don Pentz ~ Images of the Keji Country

Book Release

I stand by the chopping block holding an armload of split wood, the axe casually dangling from my other hand. I watch a silver vee in the water coming from an island about a hundred paces away. It’s heading straight toward my campsite. Beaver? I put the axe and kindling aside and go down to the lake for a closer look. I expect the beaver will veer off to one side once he sees me—but there’s no change in direction. As the vee draws closer, I notice its ears are not rounded like a beaver’s but somewhat pointed, more like a…Holy Dinah!…a bobcat!?”

Welcome to “IMAGES of the KEJI COUNTRY”, Don Pentz’s newly released book. This 130-page publication is fully illustrated with over 60 images of the artist’s watercolour and acrylic paintings, all in combination with his canoe-camping journal notes and personal commentary about the artwork. Through words and images, the reader is given insight into the artist’s thoughts and observations as he confronts the diverse challenges and decisions that make up the art-making process (on location and in the studio). When painting in the backcountry, one must be prepared to face circumstances that go well beyond the simple task of putting colourful pigments on a panel. Think blackfly season…

Aside from a truly visual experience and descriptive misadventures, this book is an expression of what makes the Keji country (Kejimkujik National Park) a unique wilderness adventure. For many, including this artist, it is truly a land of quiet inspiration and Strong Medicine.

Don Pentz’s history with Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia goes back almost 60 years – as a woodsman, naturalist, park interpreter and artist. His gorgeous watercolours illuminate the pristine beauty of this special place and pay homage to the Mi’kmaq’s sacred ground.

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