volunteer opportunity – website & social media

Please help The Fraser keep an up-to-date media presence!

Do you post on social media?
Do you have website experience – or are you willing to learn?

As a community organization, we rely on volunteers for … almost everything! That includes keeping an up-to-date web presence through our social media & website. We are in need of a few helpers willing to learn how to make simple updates to our website and post through our social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram).

If you’ve already got skills in this area, great! If you’re willing to learn, that’s great, too! Training & guidance are available through our communications coordinator and our web designer at Inlet Communications.

If you’re interested, please contact nicole.uzans@gmail.com ASAP. Thanks!

Northumberland Arts Council/The Fraser

362 Main St

Tatamagouche, NS B0K 1V0