Virtual Book Launch – Lucy McGee’s Moment of Truth

Virtual Book Launch – Lucy McGee’s Moment of Truth

Set in Halifax, Dartmouth & Paris
Halifax author: Gina N. Brown

One secret. Two best friends. Three decades of silence.

Lucy lives large and takes risks, conquering life’s problems with breathtaking mastery–and a little help from lifelong friend Joanne. All is well until a drama resurfaces after almost 30 years. Suddenly, Lucy’s life twists in a heartbeat.

When her nemesis calls unexpectedly about a situation that only she can solve, Lucy learns she can redeem her past mistake by saving someone she’s desperate to help. Yet doing so would expose the secret she’s hidden from her family. Worse, she’d also be helping the very person who started the whole mess.

With tension rising and time running out, Lucy must dig deep into her soul to decide: Will pride and the need for revenge win out? Or will she do the right thing and risk losing the love of her family when her secret is revealed?

Set in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this story follows two best friends in their early fifties as they embark on a life-altering journey to Paris, where Lucy reconciles her past and Joanne faces an uncertain future. With no roadmap, they wrestle with tough life questions about love, truth, and family, and together, stumble towards the meaning of life.

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Author Bio – Gina N. Brown

For more than 30 years, Gina worked as a marketing specialist in music, film, advertising, museums and education. A writer of fiction and non-fiction works, she founded NovaHeart Media in 2020, an independent publishing platform, dedicated to creative writing projects. Gina lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Lucy McGee’s Moment of Truth is her first novel. She is currently working on a book of shorts about her travel adventures.