Ramp It Up! 2021 UPDATE

“RAMP IT UP!” 2021

In our announcement this past April 28th with respect to “Ramp It Up! 2021”, we said that “we shall pay close attention to Dr. Strang’s advice and will make any changes that are necessary in order to be absolutely consistent with the directives of our Public Health Authority.”

In his directive yesterday, Dr. Strang ordered that retail sales cease except for essential items until the end of May. Thus, our planned fundraiser sale cannot proceed at this time.

In consideration of these COVID directives we propose to launch our “Ramp It Up!” sale at 10:00am on Monday, June 7, 2021, on Lunenburg’s 268th Birthday. The sale will then close on Saturday, June 12, at 4:00pm. However, the bowls and platters can be viewed on our website beginning on Monday, May 10th at 10:00am. This will give everybody plenty of time to make their choice before for the opening of the sale on June 7th.

Stay tuned and stay safe!

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