PRESS RELEASE : ARTSPLACE Announces Rebranding and Website Relaunch


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Art at the Heart as ARTSPLACE Announces Rebranding and Website Relaunch

ANNAPOLIS ROYAL, Nova Scotia, April 15, 2021. Annapolis Royal has a rich history as a centre of creativity and artistic excellence, but that wasn’t always so prior to the 1980s. In 1982, a group of creative minds set out to celebrate the practice of making art, and show the community how artists work and what they do. That initiative marked the founding of the Annapolis Region Community Arts Council (ARCAC) and placed Annapolis Royal firmly on Nova Scotia’s artistic map.

The work of the Arts Council in those early days planted the seeds that helped foster a fledgling arts community. Steadily, it grew across a range of disciplines–from dance to fabric arts–establishing Annapolis Royal’s reputation as an arts community throughout the province and beyond.” said founding member Wayne Boucher.

Since then, ARCAC has been the identity of the organization, with the gallery known as ARTSPLACE at its core. Already the artistic heart, now ARTSPLACE Gallery is coming into the spotlight as the public face for the artists, and the members who make the gallery the centre of their artistic life in the region.

A new, modern logo and identity system that reflects the legacy of the Arts Council was launched today, leading up to the organization’s 40th anniversary in 2022. Colourful icons that reflect the breadth of programming and evoke creative spaces and artistic practices symbolize ARTSPLACE’s community outreach initiatives.

The new brand is not only current and modern but continues to reflect the core ethos of our organization: approachable, friendly, fun” said Susan Tileston, ARCAC’s first executive director.

It’s been decades since we’ve updated ARCAC’s look and feel in a significant way. The time was right to modernize, streamline and simplify our brand identity,” said Sophie Paskins, Gallery Director, who oversaw the branding evolution.

The new identity will strengthen our position in the community and highlight ARTSPLACE Gallery as the heart and face of the Annapolis Region Community Arts Council added Board Chair Julia Redgrave.

ARTSPLACE is a public Art Gallery that is operated by the Annapolis Region Community Arts Council, a registered non-profit, charitable, community organization dedicated to encouraging and promoting the arts. Supported through the Province of Nova Scotia and the Canada Council for the Arts.

ARTSPLACE Gallery is located at 396 St. George Street in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

For more information please contact:

Sophie Paskins

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