Winter 2021 Artist-in-Residence: Inbal Newman

Introducing our Winter 2021
Artist-in-Residence: Inbal Newman


 Our School is delighted to welcome Artist and Designer, Inbal Newman to our School. Inbal will be in residency with us until May 15, 2021 — we can’t wait to see what she creates! 

It is the intent of the our School’s Artist-in-Residence program to provide a space for emerging artists, including recent graduates, to enable them to develop and enhance their practice in their chosen medium. To learn more please visit:

Inbal Newman is an artist and designer whose wanderings have currently landed her in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Growing from professional experience as both a printmaker and tall ship sailor, she takes a transient and interdisciplinary approach to creative research. Inbal particularly prefers to spend time in small communities situated upon or adjacent to water, since these constantly shifting environments have the most potential to reveal new discoveries and fuel curiosity. Her creative process involves maintaining artistic secrecy or “soft espionage,” and methods of repetition – from printmaking and performance rehearsal, to typewriting, interview, and crochet. The outcomes of this work reflect a fascination with semi-permanent records of impermanent places and situations, such as hand-poked tattoos, personally significant maps, and found material textile explorations including garments, doilies, and blankets. Inbal’s work also pursues her interests in observing, recording, and sharing narratives, which takes the forms of sound recording, reenactment, adventure logbooks, and workshops.

To quote Inbal’s proposal to our School: “Years ago, while sailing on a schooner in New York, I first learned about the tradition of a “Captain’s Personal Endsign.” Ship flags indicate information across long distances and the captain’s endsign signifies the captain’s origins (home state on most American sailing vessels – however the woman captaining the schooner remembered some skippers holding mini flag ceremonies during crew switchovers to hoist their personal flag, lovingly hand-sewn by their devoted wife). It made me think: Where are the personal endsigns for all the women captains and seafarers forgotten or often left out of history, and for women seafarers today? And who would lovingly sew personal endsigns for them? This sparked my idea for a limited series of Captain’s Personal Endsigns for women sailors and share their stories in a striking visual manner.”

Inbal Newman’s Steganography Suit, 2020, variable dimensions, silkscreen on paper, cotton, blue marker, red filter glasses

Inbal Newman and the Honourable Wilfred P. Moore, Q.C., LL.D., Volunteer Chair

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