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Join us for the Sunday February 21st at 2:00pm for an afternoon matinee of the film: Gerhard Richter Painting

After the film there will be a discussion on the artists work, nonrepresentational art and works in our current show “Names”.

Admission by donation, which will go towards the operations of The Ice House Gallery.

A documentary on the German artist that includes glimpses at his studio, which has not been seen in decades.

In 2011, Belz’s feature-length documentary entitled Gerhard Richter Painting was released. The film focuses almost entirely on the world’s highest paid living artist producing his large-scale abstract squeegee works in his studio.

The film is subtitled and runs for 01:37

Director: Corinna Belz
Writer: Corinna Belz

Ice House Gallery

Tali Ktantutes Mimajuaqan // How do I live here?

Opening reception Saturday March 6, 1:00-2:30pm

Show runs from March 6 until March 28.

As we conceived this exhibit, we wondered and asked important questions: how do we have conversations around the land we act upon? How do we perform in this space while acknowledging the place we inhabit and it’s history? How does colonial thought and actions interrupt our experiences of our space? And how do we authentically acknowledge the complications and nuances of inhabiting the space we do? Ultimately, we asked, “How do we live here?”

And this exhibit has no suspicion or assumption of answers. Instead of searching for the right answers, we want to explore the right questions. That is, the questions that create discourse and conversation. Those questions that create intersections between seemingly opposed forces, understanding between different perspectives, and acknowledgements of who we are and what we can become.

More information is to come on our exhibit. We look forward to you joining us in kindness and conversation.

Featuring the work of Jacquie Potvin Boucher, Alan Syliboy, Melissa Peter-Paul, Ben Sickles, Megan Kyak-Monteith, Nancy E Oakley, Cheryl Simon, Dave Skyrie, Kayla Sark and Ed Benham.

Image – Alan Syliboy


The Ice House Gallery is located in the main entrance to the Grace Jollymore Joyce Art Centre and is an exhibition space for visual art.

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