Myal, Tyshan Wright ~ The Craig Gallery

Myal, Tyshan Wright
The Craig Gallery
February 3 – 28, 2021

Myal is a collection of ceremonial objects and instruments used spiritually among the Jamaican Maroons. These instruments are used to guide Maroons towards myal – a sacred moment of communion with the ancestors.

The abeng and the drums are the Maroons’ most sacred objects. We celebrate and communicate with our ancestors through them. The work I share here is both past and present. When Jamaican Maroons were exiled to Nova Scotia in 1796, they were denied their ceremonial instruments. So I want to use these sacred objects to reconnect Maroon traditions to the Canadian narrative. Using wood, natural forest products, and fabric from three countries, I share work that represents the water crossings that are part of the Maroon story – from our origins in Ghana to the Trelawny Town Maroons’ exile from Jamaica to Nova Scotia.”

Tyshan Wright hails from the historic Maroon Town of Accompong in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. Since moving to Canada a few years ago, his work has been commissioned by the Art Gallery of Ontario, acquired by the Nova Scotia Art Bank, and presented in exhibitions and artist talks at galleries in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario.”

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