Joy Laking Gallery Open Every Saturday til Christmas


Due to Covid, the Joy Laking Gallery will be closed for the foreseeable future.

 We are sold out of books right now but we expect to have them again from the third printing arriving at the gallery  the first week of December.  If you are interested in ordering the Painted Province; Nova Scotia through an Artist’s Eyes please email wyatt.jim or call him at 902 890 8450. Please tell Jim how you would like your books autographed by Joy.  Free deliveries to Bass River/Truro area. Books are $ 26.20 including tax and are $ 32.05 mailed anywhere in Canada or actual cost of mailing for the rest of the world.  Even though the gallery will not be open, once we have books, signed copies can be picked up at the door.

Over twenty years in the making, Joy’s new book is finally finished and published.

It features over 200 paintings in full colour, it is paired with word pictures, funny stories and tips to enhance creativity. It is $ 24.95.,

902 890 8730 or 902 890 8450