The Andrew and Laura McCain Gallery presents artist Jaye Ouellette

‘Sea Level’

New work by artist Jaye Ouellette

The Andrew and Laura McCain Art Gallery is please to present a solo exhibition by Nova Scotian artist Jaye Ouellette

Exhibition Begins August 1 and continues until August 29, 2020

the artist will be present August 1st from 2 pm – 4 pm

Ceffyl, 27″ x 96″, acrylic on panel, 2020

By constant observation, Ouellette strives to understand the Ocean’s mysterious magnetism. Water embodies the concept of endlessness, of complexities repeated from one drop to the vast sea, so powerful yet so very fragile. Those fleeting traits impress only on memory. She paints the Ocean as the mind understands it – not a precise recording, nor the rendering of an impressionist’s flourish, but something between the two. Jaye’s work is built around those singular details, focusing on creating movement and luminosity. Her depictions are purely of water, without land, sky or scale, one is lost, consumed, ensnared. The paintings capture a slice of time that the ocean will never again replicate. Ouellette notices these moments through visceral reflex. These are the elements that move and compel her to depict the Ocean. Jaye paints the sea itself, caught in its persistent motion, a meditative reflection on this ancient body, at times so violent and other times so serenely beautiful, that has birthed legend, tragedy, life.

Jaye will also be unveiling a new series of paintings ‘Fire on Water’

Flame #10, 12″ x 12″, acrylic on panel, 2020

These paintings are a continuation of Ouellette’s exploration into colour, light, movement and water. Water and fire are seen as living entities that possess a will and a spirit of their own. Both are beautiful, mysterious and dangerous. Both are in constant motion. The fire flickers, sparks and moves with the wind. Reflected in the shifting water the colour itself floats and changes constantly with the shifting movement of the Ocean.

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