Colors and Textures of Old Havana, Cuba – Virtual.Interactive Escapade Workshop with French Escapade

Virtual Interactive Escapade Workshops


with French Escapade and Evelyn Dunphy

Paint Live from your home with Evelyn and fellow artists”

Paint the Colors & Textures of Old Havana, Cuba

August 25 and 27th

1:00 am – 4:00 pm EDT

(10:00 am -1:00 pm PDT)

Two sessions 3 hours each

with follow up with Evelyn as wished

1:00 – 4:00 pm EDT


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In 2016, I took two workshop groups to Cuba during a brief period when there appeared to be a chance of a break-through in relations between Cuba and the US. It was an unforgettable, and at moments, surreal two weeks. Even after decades of neglect, the beauty of the architecture was breathtaking.

Researching my photos for an image that I thought you would enjoy painting was both enjoyable and poignant. I have wonderful memories of the people we met. The trip was altogether unforgettable in both good and sad ways”.

An image of a clothesline evokes such nostalgia; a painting that I did of a clothesline in Ireland resulted in more comments than for almost any other. I choose this photo of clothing hanging from the balcony of a formerly beautiful old building in Havana because I feel it speaks untold volumes about the people who are living in these ruins today, victims of a repressive regime through no fault of their own.

Please read the workshop description here.

The supply list, sketch and photo will be send out as soon as you register. I encourage you to sign up early if you want to attend, as it will give you time to get any supplies that you may not have. Everyone reports delays in getting shipment of pigments or paper.

I’m happy to include this review of our last workshop.

This was an excellent workshop: Evelyn Dunphy is such a calm, organized, & effective instructor. I greatly appreciated how she managed to keep everyone moving forward, yet allowed people to work at their own pace. In particular I appreciated & benefited from her frequent individualized feedback & critique during the sessions. Rosemary T.

This is a plein air painting done in Havana.

In case you may be apprehensive about the practical side of signing on for an online workshop, put your mind at rest. There will be a 30 minute group test prior to your online painting session to make sure you are comfortable using the application.

You will receive an email with a link to the meeting, which will be on Aug 24 at noon 3:00 pm EDT for the orientation

Hope you and your families are keeping safe.

I hope to see you at our workshop in August!

Remember, just send an email to to register for the workshop.



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