Now and Then at The Craig Gallery

Hello friends!

We miss seeing you all at The Craig Gallery, but we’re so glad we’re able to continue to provide you with some fine local art to enjoy. We’re currently hoping to be able to open our doors once again in the nearish future, though we currently have not determined a date. Stay tuned for updates on the situation.

In the month of June we welcome Taiya Barss with her retrospective, though we’re unable to host an opening reception, you’ll be able to enjoy the show on our website and hopefully in person eventually! Best to you all.



Taiya Barss

“Now and Then

A Retrospective”

at The Craig Gallery

June 10 – July 5

Now and Then

Artist’s Statement

I have never dated my work. Mainly because the final, finished date is often uncertain. I usually work on several paintings at once, working on one, then putting it away and working on another. I have been sure one was done, hung it on my wall for one year, or three, then decided it wasn’t quite right, something doesn’t work. So, I would haul it down and work on it again until I’m satisfied.

There is one, the oldest work here ,”Dark of the Moon”, which has 1964 written on the back.. The rest move from then to now.

I move from earthy, monochromatic tones to bright colour, without a conscious , thoughtful direction. It just happens, and may reflect whether my life is filled with more darkness than light at the time, or the opposite. Or perhaps I just wanted a change in palette, to burst out or reflect inwards.

I love words, and a phrase, like “Snail Mail” will stick in my head and produce an image. “Pare!”, an imperative command, and a play on “pear”, words and fruit both there . Grammatical errors, “Split Infinitive”, or “Dangling Paticiple” give rise to small abstracts.

A black crow is a strong shape to work with, jumping fish elegant and graceful. A dragonfly flits through my mind, darting this way and that., until I stop the flight and put her in a frame.

I send these ideas out, from my mind to my hand , hoping to connect with the person who stands in front of my work and sees what I offer them. ” –Taiya Barss

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