All of us at ARABELLA hope you enjoy this issue!


Come live in my world for just awhile – 140 pages of art, architecture and stories. Grab a cappuccino, wine (depending on the time of day) or tea and immerse yourself in a “ARTCATION”. Stay awhile – I think you will enjoy yourself.

This Issue

As I was creating this issue, May 2020, I suspect I got a little carried away. Jennifer Irving’s horses captivated my soul and I found myself transported to Iceland walking along the rugged pathways with these beautiful creatures. Morgan Weistling took me back to a place I have never been – the light in his paintings is of a spiritual quality and I am reminded of masterful painters who belonged to this earth a long time ago. But when I got to Calvin Nicholls art I was mesmerized with the detail. I could almost see the hairs on the hedgehog move and I wanted to tickle his tummy. I wanted these delightful creatures to be real and I imagined Calvin at work, late at night in his studio with all these wonderful little animals running around on the table. What fun. I can’t begin to imagine the painstaking attention to detail it takes to produce these works of art.

Summer is Coming

No matter what happens in the course of this world – summer is coming and that in itself is a reason to celebrate. Mother Nature is bursting her seams and flowers are blooming all over. It is definitely time to plant the garden and try to grow some vegetables. This year more and more people are digging up there grass and planting wildflowers and putting raised beds together in groupings so that they can grow their own vegetables. With all that has happened in such a short time frame, the thought of taking care of your own meals with vegetables that you have grown is a very comforting thought. I have a couple of raised beds in our yard where the dogs play tag and it is going to be very hard to convince them that the dirt belongs to me and my vegetables not their paws as they dig holes and bury their balls.

Molly are youngest dog is particular adapt at digging holes and racing around in the mud – yesterday when it was raining I caught her sitting underneath a drain spout that was over flowing and was pouring down on the ground. She was having the most delightful shower and then of course went into the garden to dig a hole. Our house will never be clean again I fear.

Well enough of me, all of us at ARABELLA hope you enjoy this issue as much as we all enjoyed putting it together. Have a wonderful start to the season.

Debra Usher, Editor-in-Chief


Debra Usher

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