ARTsPLACE Gallery Hosting its First Virtual Exhibition: Brad Necyk’s Beyond Here Lies Nothing.


ARTsPLACE Gallery Hosting its First Virtual Exhibition: Brad Necyk’s Beyond Here Lies Nothing.

(ANNAPOLIS ROYAL, 11 May 2020) ARTsPLACE Gallery in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia presents Beyond Here Lies Nothing, video work from Brad Necyk. The online exhibition spans eight years of explorations into illness and healing. Much of the work centres on Necyk’s doctoral research in Psychiatry, which was awarded the Governor General’s Gold Medal. The focus of his artistic-research was mental illness, storytelling, and healing. Necyk explored this through auto-ethnographic storytelling about trauma, living with mental illness, and, recently, 3D-rendered videos exploring healing and wellbeing.

When the COVID-19 pandemic closed off the opportunity for a physical exhibition, Necyk took that as an opportunity to curate an exhibition that told a larger, longer story of illness and healing.” said ARTsPLACE Gallery Director, Sophie Paskins.

Necyk included 3.5 hours of content that can be viewed over multiple visits. “As we all experience these unbelievable times, there is a growing sense of individual and collective grief, isolation, anxiety, and much more as people, many for the first significant time in their lives, are experiencing mental health strains.” added Necyk.

The exhibition presents an honest expression of Necyk’s personal journey from illness to healing, creating safe, immersive spaces for the experiences of others to be honoured and validated.

The exhibition and accompanying essay, can be found at:

Two central works:

Alberta #3:

Joshua Tree and All of Everything:

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