Some Exciting News for Maritime Art List’s Tomas Guinan

With so many of us confined to our homes during COVID-19 playing video games has helped occupy the time. Tomas Guinan is a local Indie Game Developer, in Bible Hill, NS. He runs a one-man studio and has been programming games for the NES since 2017. Guinan has been a Nintendo fan his whole life, but never imagined he would one day actually create a game for Nintendo. His first game for the Nintendo Switch is being released this Thursday, May 7.

In late 2018, he was contracted by two American companies, Limited Run Games and Interabang Entertainment, to develop a game based on the Jay and Silent Bob movie franchise. Jay and Silent Bob are two of Hollywood filmmaker/actor Kevin Smith’s most iconic characters and now they’re set to make their video game debut in Mall Brawl. For Guinan to be asked to develop such a game was a huge undertaking and for it to be his first Nintendo release makes it even more exciting. Guinan spent over a year developing the game, coding the whole thing by himself from scratch to run on NES hardware, then porting it to modern systems. “Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl” is being released this Thursday, May 7, on digital download for Nintendo Switch.

Here are a few articles previewing the game:

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