Free live workshop with Kelly Mitchelmore Saturday May 2nd

Free online workshop with Kelly Mitchelmore – Saturday May 2nd 12 – 2 – for supplies and details and what we are painting please go to the event page – it will be a live event and not recorded.

This will be my fourth free workshop since this all started and my intention is to do a free live workshop every other weekend – until the self isolation and self distancing lift – I keep it very basic and friendly with corny jokes – all are welcome:)

Please like and follow my page if your interested in this event – it will be via facebook live on Saturday May 2nd 12 -2- for this workshop you will need to prep for this workshop so please be sure to paint the canvas with blue fading downward into white – or just blue all over – there is an example on my event page on facebook

In general for each workshop you will need :
Primary colours of red, blue , yellow , and white.(Liquitex basic is a great brand) We will either use all or some of these colours each workshop – but will only stick to these so you needn’t other colors – A flat 1″ or 2″ brush, A medium round brush and the smallest brush you have. You will also need a canvas – I am using 12×9 … all of this and local supply areas are also listed on my event page on my facebook page.

My intention is to have a free online workshop for you every other weekend – so two a month – until the isolation and self distancing lift:) These will be live feed and not recorded- so stay home, stay safe – stay creative .