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Good Day Friends,

I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy in isolation during these trying days.

I want to share what’s happening currently in The Craig Gallery, our doors continue to be closed for COVID, but we’ve updated our website to keep you connected to our local artists and their work.

Our exhibits can be viewed and purchases can be made through The Craig Gallery portion of, and we have a new Youtube channel where you can view our recent artist talks,,,

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Layne Sharpe’s Bazarroh Landscapes: Grassland & Trashlands”

On view now In The Craig Case Galleries until May 3rd.

Layne Sharpe is newly graduated from NSCAD University with some amazing ideas about sustaining an eco-friendly textiles practice and generally making the world a better place. View their artist talk on our YouTube Channel and their statement on our website.

Coming up in May:

We’re excited to have Dawn MacNutt’s stunning sculptural work back in our Gallery May 6 – June 7.

There will be no opening reception but do stay tuned for the virtual tour.

A Fortunate Adversity-(COVID-19 version)- Dawn MacNutt

This exhibition of sculpture was scheduled long before this virus pandemic existed. The theme of the show was first presented at Sunbury Shores, St. Andrews, N.B in 2017. The concept of good things coming out of bad situations has continued to inspire my work as it developed for this exhibition.

Titles such as ‘Soul Within’, ‘Spirit Within’, ‘Endurance’, ‘Protection’, ‘Alone Together’, ‘Lean on Me’ identify the emotions implied in many of the abstracted human forms, large and small. Some of the work is expressed in willow. Others are sculpted from woven copper wirecloth. A few of the works have been burned out and live on in bronze… stronger than ever. A wirework series of ‘Muses’ represents the inspirational value of music, art, dance, storytelling and poetry, significantly needed in this Age of the Corona virus. Grieving, humble, courageous and brave postures of the work express emotions that we can all relate to. As anxiety converts to comfort; depression to courage; fear to generosity; despair to hope; loneliness to love, postures evolve that are jubilant. They lend themselves to lyrical interpretation and joyful movement forward from adversity.

This theme is startlingly relevant today… magnified by the current catastrophic pandemic. Opening the exhibition to visitors at the Craig during this full blown pandemic period is unthinkable. The news is saturated with difficult truths and painful uncertainties. ‘Go home, stay home; do not gather, do not touch, avoid public places’. However, we are finding creative ways to bring culture (including this exhibition) to people.

Until January 2020, the world seemed preoccupied with world wide conflicts, mass killings, senseless political infighting, loss of life and property born of climate change catastrophes.

Then came the unholy Corona Virus, the unseen enemy that threatened the entire population of the world simply by humans being in contact with one another, exchanging miniscule deadly particles a breath away.

Headlines of warfare, violence, natural disasters and political strife went largely quiet. The news is concentrated on how to mitigate the common silent enemy. Governments and leaders…in particular our own Canadian ones… have shown wisdom, co-operation, leadership and compassion. Though we must practice isolation and social distance, there is a warmth and intimacy in caring about family, friends and strangers, even though from a distance.

It is also unfolding that human kind are showing resilience, hope, acts of caring, courage, kindness, generosity and creativity. When business and cultural events were shuttered, we found new ways to be creative. Repurposing machines and tools to provide much needed protective gear. Research focused on vaccine creation and treatment options in a heretofore impossible time frame. We are recognizing our heroes: our health leaders, front line responders, food providers and transporters, and so many more. Someone has said, gratitude is the flip side of fear. We are being thrust into creating a new purpose, a future intention. Some fortunate things are happening. A better world can… will… rise from this adversity. This is the message expressed by this exhibition.

Continuing in The Craig Main Gallery until Sunday, May 3rd, is:

Gerri Frager’s “Signs of Life,Images Formed From Clay & Words”

Please Stay tuned for more updates on Gallery closure and June Programming.

We’re also working hard behind the scenes on some virtual art classes. Stay tuned for more info on those!

Many thanks for your continued support and I do hope you all stay safe in these times of uncertainty.


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