A great ART CHALLENGE with PRIZES (see below) for young people who are on an extended March Break!

Follow me @ Christopher Webb – Visual Artist on Instagram or Facebook. Create your best work of art. Put in on Facebook or Instagram (yours or with the help of a parent or guardian you can use their acct) and simply tag me along with your first name, age, where you are from and what your image is all about!

3rd: $100.00 gift certificate to an art supply store near you!

2nd: You and I will do an art exchange…I’ll send you a watercolour and you’ll send me a piece!

1st: I’ll visit you at your school (wherever you are) and meet you in person, do an art lesson with your art class…and talk to your school! I’ll also bring some fun things along with me for you and your friends!

Watch Christopher Webb On Global Video link

Visual Artist, Christopher Webb, shares visual art events and happenings in our community every Thursday on Global News Morning “VISUAL ARTS ABSTRACT” segment on Global Halifax with Alyse Hand