Saturday Feb 29: For the Love of Tango & Creativity/Take A Leap!  

Saturday Feb 29: Tango & Creativity/Take A Leap!  

For the Love of Tango: Watercolour Exhibition & Tangonova Retrospective!

1313 Hollis St.

7-8:30 pm/ viewing,  mini-class, Q & A.

Discover how tango is essentially about paying attention! Explore the  active and receptive aspects of partnership,  while using simple walking patterns to create a dance together.  Above all, be ready to relax and laugh.  Dry smooth-soled footwear and/or stocking feet requested.

Note: at 8:30 pm the  Milonga 1313 (tango dance party) gets underway and dancers will be arriving. Art viewers are welome to linger for a look-see. 

For more information, contact Margaret 902-229-8585 or visit