On World Water Day, March 22nd 2020, Nova Scotians will come together to explore WATER. Water for survival, water as recreation, water as a sacred right, too much water, and more. Artists of all experiences, skills, and mediums are invited to submit up to 2 submissions for display during the show on March 22nd and for optional extended hanging in the gallery space at 1313 Hollis from March 22nd to April 22nd.

Due to space limitations, we are accepting a limited number of submissions and may take very few live and video submissions and give show priority to smaller pieces. To apply, simply complete the form at with the details of your submission and a summary of your “Water” story. Applications are due by Feb 23rd, 2020. We will be responding to applications on a biweekly basis starting in December.

To encourage participation by youth, seniors, and others who may require the support, we are providing small grants of up to $50 for supplies, printing, or other costs needed to create your submission or for travel to and from the show. Please indicate in your application if you would like to be considered for the grant. Questions can be directed to our Coordinator, Becky Parker at