Bryan Maycock and Maurice Plomske in January 2020

Join us Next year, January 8th at 5pm for the opening of

Bryan Maycock’s “The Last Picture Show”

in The Craig Main Gallery

& Maurice Plomske’s “Instrumentals” in The Case Galleries

Toni Losey’s work can be viewed again from January 2nd until closing day, January 5th, 3pm.

Bryan Maycock: The Last (non) Picture Show: with apologies to Peter Bogdanovich

The Craig Main Gallery

In theory, if not always in practice, daubs of paint to a painter are as words to a novelist. Words carry meaning and mediate the conversation between the author and the story, the story and the reader. When, fifty years ago, I was using a paint roller, my ‘conversation’ was flat and uninteresting. Such is Minimalism; although, at the time, I found a minimal conversation to be quite satisfactory. I worked hard to ensure that edges and surfaces were blemish-free. If memory serves, John Berger, when describing a particular kind of easel painting, asserted that the artist’s intent was to render the material immaterial. In effect, the viewer should see the objects but remain unaware of the oil paint. With paint roller in hand, my intent was much the same. See colour. See form. Don’t see acrylic paint and certainly don’t see evidence of my hand.

Slow forward fifty years. This new work, while clearly related to that much earlier work, privileges a richer material conversation. As surfaces build, blemishes and other unplanned aspects of process take on a previously rejected importance. I am now both entertained and informed by the materially unexpected. But I can only stand to go so far with such spontaneity. I still have a plan and that usually involves serial investigation where visual threads connect one piece to another. In this body of work one such thread is the use of circular and diamond shaped formats. In one sense, this may be all there is to see. There are no pictures and it’s certainly not presented in black and white. But hopefully evidence of, and opportunities for, a richer visual conversation will be apparent.

Maurice Plomske: Instrumentals

The Craig Case Galleries

Years prior to retiring Maurice rekindled an interest in the arts by starting to sculpt with clay and plaster focusing on building a portfolio of work. Some of that work will be on display at The Craig Gallery under the title, “Instrumentals”, opening on January 8th at 5pm.

Instrumentals” is a grouping of 5 reliefs pieces all with a theme of jazz music. Influenced in various parts by members of his family with a musical bent, a jazz musician brother-in-law, travel

experiences, and just the daily influence of television soundtracks from sitcoms over the our life time. Soundtracks from the pink Panther, Peter Gun, Hawaii-5-0, The Odd Couple, Seinfeld and The Simpsons only to name a few. So the 5 reliefs are designed to entertain the viewer with a theme that is amusing and whimsy, so not to complicate the message but to charm the audience. Maurice portrays the character and subject mostly in a style of realism adding the abstract as artistic licence. The art work is originally modelled in various clays and cast in either polymer cements or dental plasters with finished patinas in acrylic.


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