Front Room Studio 2020 Art Calendar of Nova Scotia Fresh Produce!

Front Room Studio is please to present a unique 2020 Art Calendar of Nova Scotia Fresh Produce!

Fruits and vegetables are seemingly ordinary yet really quite extraordinary. It is my wish that this calendar reminds us of the extraordinary beauty that fruits and vegetables hold, a beauty especially present in their natural design. Each fruit and vegetable holds rich unique flavors so divine. This exceptional beauty is present in our everyday life. May it bring you joy and appreciation into every month of 2020.

Per order your Calendar by December 16th for $24C
See a Proof copy
At the Brewery Farmers Market
312-1496 Lower Water Street
Saturdays 7-1 pm
Payments accepted Credit Card/ Debit/Cash
Calendars will be ready Dec 20th!

Contact Odessa Spore at 902 943 3433 if you want to order one directly from the artist!

Yes willing to ship! Here is a sneak preview of just 3 of the 12 images!