What do Lambs & Llamas, Ewes & Me have to do with Sackville, NB?

It is the title of Poet Laureate, 2014-2018, Marilyn Lerch’s first volume of poetry. Marilyn is an American-born Canadian poet, teacher, and activist. You can meet Marilyn, hear her poetry, and get your books signed at Main & Station’s Nonesuch Café on Friday, 29 November, 2019 beginning at 7pm.

To learn more about Marilyn Lerch and read or hear some of her poems, see here https://warktimes.com/2019/02/11/marilyn-lerch-launches-fifth-book-of-poems-aiming-to-tell-the-tale-of-our-time/ and here https://warktimes.com/poetry-recordings/two-poems-by-marilyn-lerch/ and here http://www.stu-acpa.com/marilyn-lerch.html


Lambs & Llamas, Ewes & Me (2001)
Moon Loves Its Light (2004)
Witness and Resist (2008)
The Physics of Allowable Sway (2013)That We Have Lived at All (2018)

Making a Difference, Toute la difference: A Celebration of the 3M Teaching Fellowship (Editor, 2005)
Breaking the Word Barrier: Stories of Adults Learning to Read (Co-editor, 2009)

Musical Settings of her Poetry
We Move Homeward (Alasdair MacLean, 1998)
The Whole is Enough to Drive You Crazy (W.L. Altman, 2002)
We Move Homeward (Lloyd Burritt, 2011)
Moon Loves Its Light (Lloyd Burritt, 2011)
Triptych (Lloyd Burritt: Canadian premiere, 2013; American premiere, 2014)
Trees on the Edge (Nicholas Piper, 2014)