What’s Happening at Harvest Gallery

“Quiet Works” George WALFORD, paintings &

Terry Lee BOURGEOIS-KING, ceramics

Opening Reception:

Saturday, November 2nd, 2-4 pm

George and Terry Lee will be in attendance

Wolfville, NS – October 31, 2019 Harvest Gallery is pleased to present “Quiet Works” paintings by George Walford and ceramics by Terry Lee Bourgeois-King. From 2-4 pm, enjoy the work, meet the artists and share a glass of local cider and a few nibbles.

While their work is both singular, it is beautifully complementary. Terry Lee’s work is produced through a somewhat scientific process involving a number of well-laid out steps and utilizing a variety of techniques. Conversely, George’s work is the result of a direct, immediate and often unpremeditated interaction with the ‘canvas’. Terry’s draws inspiration from nature’s forms, colours and textures. “Being in nature and referencing nature in my work quiets my soul and gives me peace” explains Terry Lee. George’s work contains no subjects to focus on, only textured surfaces with muted, often neutral tones. As a result, the interaction between painting and viewer elicits a contemplative, quiet response. ”A painting is a passive object until someone engages with it.” A strong similarity exists in the textures, tones and organic character of their work, a connection George finds quite remarkable and stimulating.

George received his formal training at the Luton Art School in England. “Composition, texture and colour, in that order, are the elements integral to my abstract works. Each work is composed formally and spontaneously in a variety of applied textures. The surface of each work is the result of both intention and intuition. Relating to this surface, I use colour to integrate the various elements. As each piece has no real subject, visual energy is generated by my intuitive responses to the initial material structures.”

Terry-Lee spent countless hours creating and drawing as a child. She attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, now called NSCAD University from 1989 until 1995. Her primary area of study was painting and drawing. In Terry-Lee’s final year, her attention turned to pottery and she was completely enamored with the malleable three dimensional form that also embodies all the wonderful elements of painting; such as colour, texture and line.

Come and enjoy a quiet moment in a busy world.

Quiet works runs until November 24th.

Harvest Gallery
462 Main St
Wolfville, Nova Scotia
B4P 1E2