CBC Radio Mainstreet to feature 2019 Masterworks Finalist Creators!

We’re thrilled to announce that CBC Radio Mainstreet will be featuring our 2019 Award Finalist Creators as part of their programming from Sept. 23rd-27th!

Up first is Moose Fence Creator, Ursula Johnson.

Ursula will be speaking with Mainstreet host Jeff Douglas today, September 23rd, at 5:20pm AST on CBC Radio One (90.5 FM Halifax). You can listen live online here.

Jeff will be speaking with Ursula again on Monday, September 30th when he hosts Artists & Conversation – Masterwork’s annual panel discussion event featuring the Finalist Creators of the nominated works!

Creator Profile: Ursula Johnson

What excites you most as an artist?
New opportunities to collaborate.

What do you believe is the artist’s role in society?
To try to create a space to encourage dialogue that can contribute to social change

What is your favourite element of your nominated work?
The programmed operatic lighting design that simulates daybreak to dusk in a 40minute cycle

Has your nominated work changed your creative practice? If so, in what way(s)?
I have become more aware of the architecture of spaces in which my sculptural and performative work exists in. This work helped me to create a better understanding of how my work can work with or against the work of the designers, architects, etc . This work has lead me to explore with more depth the dialogue between my work and the spaces they occupy/engage with/in.

About the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Arts Award
Established by the Honourable Myra Freeman in 2005, the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Arts Award recognizes the excellence of a particular work of art or design from any media. These works have a strong connection to Nova Scotia; have made a significant impact through their public presentation; and have contributed to the historical development and contemporary practice of the art form.

The Masterworks Arts Award is the largest cultural award based in Nova Scotia, annually awarding up to $37,000 to finalist Creators. Each work on the shortlist is awarded a $3,000 Finalist Prize. The Creator(s) of one of the Finalist works will then receive the $22,000 Grand Prize, for a total of $25,000, to be announced in the fall at the annual Creative Nova Scotia Awards Gala. The Award is administered by the Nova Scotia Masterworks Awards Foundation, and is generously sponsored by Arts Nova Scotia, The Craig Foundation, and individual donors. The Foundation received administrator support through Strategic Arts Management.