Prismatic Arts Festival is honored to feature NAMU – musical trio from Korea this Monday!

NAMU – musical trio from Korea

September 23rd, 7pm

Halifax Central Library – Paul O’Regan Hall

NAMU is a Korean traditional music ensemble that made its official debut in 2015. Before this, NAMU members, each an outstanding soloist, collaborated with various artists and crossed over many genres with a wide range of projects such as jazz, classical, and electronic music.

NAMU’s leader Aram Lee, a multi-award winning Daegeum/Yanggeum player, is rooted in traditional music. Ajaen and Janggu player, Mingwang Hwang and acoustic/electric bass player, Inhwan Choi balance the traditional base with their hypnotical sounds. Put them together to introduce novel repertory and you will get a near perfect performance.

NAMU’s originality and creativity have propelled the band to the forefront of today’s Korean traditional music scene. Prismatic is honored to be able to bring NAMU to Canada for performances in Ottawa and Halifax.

Prismatic recognizes and thanks the Korean Arts Management Services and Centre Stage Korea for their support to make this international tour possible.

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