Thursday, October 3rd, 2019 6:00PM – 9:00 PM
Chebucto Connections, 531 Herring Cove Rd., Halifax NS, B3R 1X3

Sally Wilson’s Art Exhibit “Coming Home”, is exhibiting a collection of her latest evocative, bold and beautiful works in Halifax on Oct. 3. at Chebucto Connections.

Her show is a remarkable collaboration with a Non-Profit Group that is close to her heart, with 30 percent of all proceeds being donated to this incredible group, which provides a wide range of community supports to vulnerable individuals.

“This project has given me the opportunity to use my artwork as a tool for opening up conversations with both staff and young people in Chebucto Connections, hoping to inspire confidence and creativity.”
Sally Wilson is widely known for her bold-formed abstract works throughout North America with an extensive client base in California where she exhibited for three years, including a sold-out exhibit at Oprah Winfrey’s Art Café in San Luis Obispo. Her works have been published in art magazines including Architectural Digest.
Before moving to Nova Scotia, she also exhibited from her own Studio Gallery in Muskoka and throughout Canada for over 25 years.
Cathy Jones, of This Hour Has 22 Minutes says, “Sally Wilson is not only a kind person, but a real artist of phenomenal depth. Her gorgeous, visually stunning work always feels like the colourful expression of her beautiful human heart.”
In preparation for this Exhibit, that she lovingly calls “Coming Home,” Sally is working as “Artist in Residence” in a studio on the second floor of The Chebucto Connections Centre.
Christina Carter, Operations Manager says, “Sally has brought an energy to Chebucto Connections that I didn’t know we were missing. Her art is inspiring and captivating. Sally’s personality and artwork brings a smile and feeling of joy in a, sometimes, lonely place”.
“Working in an open studio is new to me but I have found it extremely inspirational for my own work, being surrounded by youthful energy and continuous daily support from staff,” Sally says.
“I find it especially inspiring to be around staff of such committed dedication to the wellbeing of every single individual that enters those doors. They inspire me to be the best person I can be and that inspires my work to be the best it can be.”
Her exhibition on Oct. 3 is her first in Nova Scotia. It will feature all new work inspired by Nova Scotia’s beauty – evocative, bold and colourful.
This project has deep meaning for her. “When I was young, I experienced a lot of the same emotional hurdles that young people struggle with. I feel it gives me a deep heart connection that merges their work at Chebucto Connections with mine,” she says.
“I believe that part of my purpose is to be an example, that if you truly love something you can be successful at it no matter what your academic background.”
She will continue to work as Artist in Residence at Chebucto Connections, to not only work with the kids artistically and creatively, but to continue painting and exhibiting.
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