The Birds & the Bees Opening Reception Sept.11

Please accept our invitation to the opening reception of the Nova Scotia Potters Guild exhibit, “The Birds and the Bees” at The Craig Gallery on Wednesday, September 11, 5-7pm.

This will be a wine and cheese reception, open to all.

The Nova Scotia Potters Guild Presents The Birds and the Bees

At the Potters Guild`s AGM in 2018 it was announced there was going to be an application for a show at The Craig gallery. The membership was asked for some theme ideas and a few suggestions were blurted out. When someone suggested “The Birds and The Bees” as our theme, a few people snickered, but you could feel the excitement grow. Written in poetry and song, in jest and all-seriousness, the phrase evokes images far and wide. Our members were encouraged to think outside the box, challenge their creativity and create work that inspires and responds to the phrase. The Nova Scotia Potters Guild would like to present to you our 2019 members group show.

The Nova Scotia Potters Guild show includes a wide range of artists from beginners to masters, hobbyists to production potters, educators and technicians. Each exploring clay in their own way. We are pleased to see our members create such variety of work including sculpture, functional, wall pieces and raku, just to name a few.

The Nova Scotia Potters Guild was founded in 1991 by 13 potters who wanted to learn and teach and enjoy one another’s company. Twenty-eight years on, the Guild remains the main organization for the local ceramic community. As such we strive to be the crossroads for potters and a resource on making, displaying, teaching, and learning our art and craft.

Today both the Guild’s membership and its mission have expanded. There are now over 150 members from across the province. The NSPG focuses on education, training, exhibitions, resources, mentorship, and acts as an advocate for clay in the province.

The Birds and The Bees will be the guild`s 5th group exhibition and we have previously shown in locations such as The Craig Gallery, Government House, Swoon Fine Art, and The Mary E. Black Gallery.