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What Brings Us Together

OPENING FRIDAY the 13th of September, 6:30-8:30pm

Show continues until October 1st

(HALIFAX, NS)- Once upon a time, three Kims met at Argyle Fine Art: Kimberley Eddy, Kim Danio and and Kim Floyd. Then one day they decided to have an art show together at Argyle Fine Art and call it “KIMZ-MET”- a playful title for their show which references the word “kismet” that means to be brought together by destiny or fate… so it seemed fitting. The show will consist of 10 or more works from each artist working in their own mediums and styles which consist of watercolour, resin, acrylic and mixed media. The show is all about making connections between these three artists and how their various forms of art also connect to people by telling stories about our collective connections to nature, family, self-care, and even the things we own and carry with us for a lifetime. Come meet at the KIMS at the opening reception on Friday, September 13th, 6:30-8:30pm. The show will be online to view once the exhibit has officially opened at



HOW MANY KIMS CAN WE GET IN A ROOM? CALLING ALL KIMS! IF YOUR NAME IS KIM, COME TO THE SHOW FOR A FUN PHOTOSHOOT AT 7:30pm. Enter your name to WIN a special gift pack for any KIM out there too!

Kimberley Eddy will be featuring a selection of watercolours, a handbound sketchbook filled with art, and a few signature resin art paintings. These works focus on connection to the ocean, family and self-care.

Kim Floyd’s series of paintings are all about clothing of various sorts and styles and how even the clothes we wear tell a story of who we were and are.

Kim Danio’s work features shoes but transformed into sculptures of appliances and household objects. It’s all about about our connection to things and how we can re-purpose them too.

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