Two new SOLO shows opening at The Craig Gallery

You are invited to 2 great openings this Wednesday, August 14th, 5-7pm at The Craig Gallery, Jan Hull & Jim Parsons exhibit 2 very different and exciting series of work…

Jan Hull, Stoneist in The Craig Case Galleries August 14th – September 8th

“When I’m carving human figures, my intentions are often altered by the personality that emerges. Did I create it, or does it come out of the stone? I am unable to answer this. My logical brain wants to say that stone is a dumb thing, unable to tell me anything. My experience is otherwise. My encounters with humans are similar; when you start to grind away the surface, the initial impression is altered, for good or bad.
When I set out to carve acrobats, I envisioned them as awe-inspiring slender or muscular performers. On the scale I chose, using my preferred medium of sandstone, this was an unlikely outcome. You would laugh if you saw the original images I considered. An unrealized dream of my own, perhaps.

I love them all. They are me, of course, and perhaps you.”

Jan Hull, The Stoneist

“Words and Pictures: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” Poem by T.S. Eliot; Paintings by Jim Parsons, in The main Craig Gallery August 14th – September 8th

Introduction: T. S. Elliot’s poem, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” was first published in England in 1915. The 29 paintings in this show were created in my basement in Halifax, Nova Scotia, about 100 years later, between autumn, 2017, and late summer, 2018. I used acrylic, ink and watercolour on 30” X 22” watercolour paper.

Concept: Eliot wrote his poem in the “stream of consciousness” form. I think (I hope!) my paintings reflect this same approach. Though each painting includes the words that inspired the image, the image may not necessarily depict any tangible item the words describe. Instead, my intention is to capture (re-capture?) the emotion and psychology behind the words, just as, I think, Eliot’s intention was not necessarily to describe actual events in the life of the poem’s narrator, J. Alfred Prufrock, but rather his various emotional states.

Bio: The poem is open to all kinds of interpretation. I first encountered it fifty years ago when I was a student attending high school in Hantsport, Nova Scotia. Today, I’m a retired teacher, but not a retired English teacher or Art teacher, though my original intention was to teach both. I spent my career teaching children and students who were blind or visually impaired. Like Prufrock says, “In a minute there is time for decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.”
These paintings express my personal interpretation of T. S. Eliot’s famous poem, with the understanding that any interpretation is always subject to change.

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