One day 6-hour workshop with artist Henry Tian ~ NOTE:  rescheduled to Aug 11


 rescheduled to Aug 11

Better observation for better drawing and painting

One day 6-hour workshop with artist Henry Tian

Better observation for better drawing and painting –

One day 6-hour workshop with artist Henry Tian

(date rescheduled to Aug 11)

This is an opportunity to study with representational artist Henry Tian for an entire day. The purpose of the workshop is to help students improve their ability to see shapes, values, edges, and colours. Learning how to effectively observe your subject in a way that helps you draw and paint and realize the finished art in your mind is so important yet so often under-emphasized in various forms of art instructions. In this one-day workshop, Henry will show you how to use an effective system of observation to:

– Be able to draw accurately without any external aid such as grid or tracing paper or projector

(especially important for works done from life and for portraits, figures, architectures, etc. that requires precise drawing)

– Be able to see value relationships, thus creating realistic and believable 3-dimensional forms

(no more muddy or chalky pieces if you can correctly judge values correctly)

– Be able to see edge relationships, which goes hand-in-hand with values to create believable forms

(a very underrated visual element in drawing and painting, a must-learn topic)

– Be able to see the relativity of colour relationships and the subtly of color temperature shifts and its importance in form-modeling

(another reason for muddiness and chalkiness is mistaking color temperature change with value change)

– Be able to compose the visual elements into a pleasing arrangement to effectively transmit your feelings and experience to the viewer

(knowing what to leave out of the picture is just as important as what to leave in. Also, if you see things in your subject that could be changed for the better, do it! Don’t copy it just because it’s there.)

The workshop is structured as multiple units of mini-lectures by Henry, followed by short demos, followed by student practice. This workshop is intended for any artists who feel like they would benefit from it after reading the syllabus above, all skill levels welcome. I work in oils and acrylics most of the time but the information should apply to any medium.

Date and time: Sunday, August 11th, 9am to 4pm (with one hour lunch break from 12-1)

Location: Henry’s studio in Clayton Park, Halifax

Cost: $65 (all materials included: easel, oil paint, brushes, vine charcoal, canvas, paper, etc.)

There is only one spot available as the workshop is limited to 4 seats and 3 of them has been registered. There will be lots of time to ask questions and get individual feedback.

Please email me at to register.

Hope to see you there, thanks!

Henry Tian, figurative artist based in Halifax, NS.


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Represented by: Art 1274 Hollis Gallery

1274 Hollis St, Halifax NS B3J 1T6