Tatamagouche Plein Air Event August 24

Tatamagouche Plein Air Event

August 24th 2019

The Tatamagouche Plein Air event is an open invitation for all Artists to come together and paint in the great outdoors in our Village. On the weekend of August 24th this year, rain or shine; we welcome all interested Artists to come set up their easels at various locations throughout the Village and surrounding area.

This event, sponsored by the Grace Jollymore Centre for the Arts and The Northumberland Arts Council, coincides with Tatafest. The event also encourages everyone to meet and interact with the Artists as they are working. A wonderful chance to witness the creative process unfolding. You are encouraged to seek out the Artists at their chosen sites.

There will be runners visiting the areas where the Artists are working to retrieve fresh paintings and bring them back to the Ice House Gallery at Creamery Square where the Gallery will be open all day. Everyone is invited to view and the artwork on display at the Ice House Gallery beginning at 9.00 on the morning of Saturday August 24th and all throughout the day as the new work comes in up until. 4.00 p.m. that day. All art will be for sale. Surely you will find that special piece you have been seeking.

It is a wonderful opportunity for Artists to explore and create in our lovely Village in an outdoor atmosphere, meet and greet each other and interact with the public while in the process of creating Art.

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