2 Day Encaustic Painting Workshop with Lynn Rotin

Lose yourself in two days of art making and the ancient technique of encaustic painting. Four thousand years ago the Greeks used this medium to caulk and decorate their boats. Simply put it is painting with hot wax mixed with pigment for colour and resin for hardness and shine. Easy to use, forgiving (Don’t like what you’ve done? Scrape it away or just keep adding to it.) and definitely fun, fun, fun.
The technique lends itself to texture and surface: carving, incising, dripping, embedding and sculptural techniques. But you can also scrape it down to a smooth, shiny surface if you prefer. You might even discover a few other methods of manipulating it but you will definitely leave with several finished pieces ready to hang on the walls of your home.
No art experience is necessary – just an openness to experimentation. However, for the experienced artist unfamiliar with the medium, there are enough challenges to satisfy.

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