Call to Artists for Consignment Products

My name is Diana Broderick and I have been brought on at Upper Clements Park in Annapolis Royal to run the Gift shop. While we are selling items such as apparel and novelty items, we are looking to showcase higher end product.

I was wondering if there are any artists who wish to showcase their art in the store for display purposes or for consignment? We have a rather large space and feel it is important to include local arts and crafts.

We are looking for all types of items…original art, jewelry, stationery, home decor products. This is the first year the Park is taking care of the Store, so all processes will be a work in progress. I would have no problem just displaying any art as well with the artists information, etc. if the same artist has other products within the store. It is likely there would be only a few high price-point sales, but that’s not to say a higher priced item wouldn’t get sold.

So anyone who is interested in this possibility may contact me at or 888-532-4567 ext. 101.

Thank you for your time,
Diana Broderick