Meditation and Clay Workshop June 9, 2019

Meditation and Clay Workshop

This workshop is inspired by these words from potter Paulus Berensohn (1933-2017)

“I am trying to learn how, when leading a workshop, to speak from the artist in me to the artist in each one of the people present. I do not mean by this anything to do with good artist or bad, better artist or best. I find such distinctions meaningless and unhelpful. My experience is demonstrating that there is an artistic voice in each one of us that is not helped by any comparisons except with our own deepening growth. In each of us there is our pinch pot, as there is our dance, our poem and our song. What it looks or sounds like is less important than the artistic journey we take to discover it. I toast and greet the artist in you from the artist in me”

The day will begin at 9:30 am with meet and greet and a nice cup of hot ginger/lemon tea and homemade muffins. At 10:00 am I will be guiding you in quiet meditation on creating a Pinch pot that will lead you into relaxing your mind and body. This technique is to inspire your creative juices to flow by opening up your sensations with how the clay feels in your hands.

From the meditation we’ll move into the clay project of creating your own personal

Rhubarb Leaf Bird Feeder. The clay we’ll be using is red earthenware clay. You’ll learn about slab rolling, slumping clay and hand building techniques and we will also create some decorative objects such as birds nest or small bird or you choose this is your time to create a one of kind.

Please wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather of the day to be outside. The workshop will take place on my studio balcony. Unless it’s really cold we’ll be inside. For the clay bring an apron and your imaginations.

We’ll break for lunch . I will create a vegetarian soup to share. You’re welcome to bring other foods to share if you like.

(no experience necessary)

1 day workshop

Sunday, June 9th, 2019
9:30 am to 4:30 pm

$80.00 includes all materials and firing

contact Mary Jane Lundy 902-852-4467 or