Tha Art of Repair – Shibori and Sashiko with Kate Ward

The Art of Repair Shibori and Sashiko
With Kate Ward

May 25 & 26, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Japanese textiles that have been pieced, patched, repaired and passed down from generation to generation are known as boro. The embroidered and repaired cloths embrace the concept of ‘wabi sabi’, beauty in an object’s impermanence and imperfection.

This workshop focuses on natural indigo dye, hand-stitching, and mending. Over the weekend participants will discover the magic of indigo, shibori and sashiko. On the first day we immerse ourselves in the art of shibori, where cloth is bound, wrapped, stitched and clamped to create patterns on fabric dipped in a natural indigo dye vat; and on the second day we learn Sashiko embroidery, a Japanese textile mending and reinforcing technique involving a simple running stitch that creates beautiful yet practical embellishments used to mend clothes while also adding meaning and mindfulness to our work. Please click this link for more information.

Cost: $150 with $50 for materials. Bring a lunch.


Kate Ward is an interdisciplinary artist and educator whose research driven practice investigates the relationship between art, ritual spaces and cultural meaning. Kate is the recipient of numerous international scholarships, residencies and exchange programs. Her work has been selected for national and international exhibitions and awards and she is represented in national and international collections in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and America.