James Middleton Workshop May 25th


(Re)Introduction to Plein Air Painting – “Why Not Just Take a Photo?”

We all have different reasons why we go outside to paint – “why not just take a photo?” We also have different approaches to how we paint.

This 3-hour workshop is for those who want to get outside to paint, but feel a little unsure. Or maybe your previous efforts have been frustrating.

Painting outdoors from life, can be a fantastic and rewarding, living experience. But it also forces us out of our comfort zone into a wakeful appreciation of the moment. It can be quite daunting at first – being in front of a panoramic scene, with the sun in your face (and shadows on your canvas!), changing light and the breeze blowing.

I think I can help. Let’s get together for a (re)introduction to plein air painting workshop (indoors at the Mahone Bay Centre). All skill levels welcome. We will discuss why we go outdoors to paint and how we can make better paintings. We will consider the different types of equipment, supplies and different ways to paint. We will learn about relationships, values, colour temperatures, types of edges, types of light and value planes, changing light, atmospheric perspective and much more.

We are all wired and paint differently. Our response to our subject can dictate how we paint. The subject can also influence how we start a painting. I will demo a few different ways to start, to see what clicks for you – monochromatic start, impressionist start, transparent start, painting inside out, outside in.

Click below to register, tell your friends and bring your questions.

If you are a studio painter this can open up a new world. If you enjoy life drawing, this is just a new model – nature.

No minimum class size.

I look forward to meeting you on May 25th – keep painting!

James Middleton is a landscape and portrait painter who teaches workshops in Nova Scotia and Ontario.

Cost: $20

Time/Date: 10am-1pm, Saturday, May 25 2019

Location: Mahone Bay Centre, Room 203, 45 School Street, Mahone Bay

Click to register: https://forms.gle/abNz8XvSLM8ALALe8

Links: https://www.mahonebaycentre.org