Susan Paterson Workshop ~ a few seats left

Susan Paterson will be teaching a Botanical Drawing Workshop at the Old Schoolhouse, May 10th and 11th, in historic Sherbrooke Village, Sherbrooke Nova Scotia.

Students will be observing various gathered flowers and plants and studying the structure and diversity of nature through drawing. Day 1 will start with gestural sketches in pencil and continue with more finished drawings capturing the character and details of the plant. On day 2 students will use pencil and white conté on toned paper to explore light, texture and volume.

Susan will supply the toned paper. Please bring white paper (sketchbooks), HB & 4B pencils, kneaded erasers and white conté pencils.

The cost of the workshop is $135.00 for the two days. 

There are still a few seats left, if interested please e-mail, Wilda Kaiser at